10 Things We LOVE About Madeira 🏝

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42 thoughts on “10 Things We LOVE About Madeira 🏝

  1. Smoonw says:

    Ola, gostei muito do vosso video ! Tambem gostei da forma como voces filmam e editam o video. Podem-me dizer que drone usam para fazer os videos ? Beijos e ate logo 🙂

  2. Aliocha Fonseca says:

    Pomba branca, pomba branca, já perdi o teu voár, naquela terra distante toda coberta pêlo mar!Max.De um beirăo da Serra da ESTRELA, um grande abraço prá ilha da Madeira e para todos os amigos do STAY CLASSY vlog.ATÉ LEGO🕊❤

  3. Carla Silva says:

    Guys I really hope you reach 1 million followers or more soon.. This is amazing publicity to the island in terms of tourism. Most of us work for that sector and you are promoting a panoply of places to stay, activities to do, restaurants, local shops and that is amazing.. It's the best of two worlds you get amazing holidays almost 100% sponsored and we get free exposure to the world. How great is that? Thank you for another amazing video 😁 Good luck até Lego!

  4. adam maarfia says:

    Hey guys, you are both amazing people doing these amazing videos about Portugal . I love it , started to watch your videos. It’s a good way to show to the world what beautiful and amazing country Portugal is . My mother is from Madeira and I love t there . You should visit other places still not very popular for tourist . Madeira is not just about Funchal. Visit the north of the island like São Vicente – have a visit to the volcanic caves, have a “picado or espetada at nice restaurants by the sea like the Caravela “ is a nice place. Porto Moniz and the natural swimming pools, the Aquarium.
    Ponta Delgada , São Jorge , Santana and it’s beautiful typical houses . There is much more to Madeira , much to do and see . Well done you guys and keep doing what you doing , you have a natural way of doing it . Congratulations

  5. Céu Freitas says:

    You love it there and I envy you!!! Love it too and get surprised with the things you show us in your videos. How do you get to know about those places on Madeira??? You are showing people the uniqueness of Madeira.

  6. Luis Miguel Luna Pais says:

    Sorry guys but Madeira is not affordable (3:50) as you say on the video, not even for the people that lives there. Plane tickets are way to expensive, hotels are expensive, sorry again but 120 euros a night is madness for a country where the minimum wage is 600 euros. Its very pretty and I agree with all the other stuff (kind of…) but its not for every one, a big percentage of portuguese people can't afford vacations on Madeira.

  7. Nelson Correia says:

    Amalia is quite right when she says that living on an island is quite relaxing. My very first experience in a island it was back in 1972 in the west coast of France in Bretagne at Belle Ile -en-Mer not far from Nantes and Brest and about 15 kms from the coast (Quimper). I used to go there on short vacations camping and it was really relaxing although the island was not amazing touriscately speaking but it was wild and free.

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