Visit DC – The DON'Ts of Visiting Washington, DC

What tourists should not do when they visit Washington, D.C. From safety issues for car break ins, to overdoing it with the amazing free Smithsonian museums, …

21 thoughts on “Visit DC – The DON'Ts of Visiting Washington, DC

  1. FedEXfright says:

    I will be going to D.C. in July 2020. Do you know if the Metro is accommodating for those with walkers? I love the content you put up. It really makes me want to travel to these places. Thank you for posting the videos.

  2. Colorme Dubious says:

    As someone who grew up in the DC area, it was a total culture shock when I first visited a museum in another city and they actually had the sheer, unmitigated AUDACITY to attempt to CHARGE ME MONEY to enter their fourth-rate tourist trap! Take that, MoMA, you sleazy roadside snake farm!

  3. Jonathan Williams says:

    Stay out of the South East part of the city and some places on the Maryland border, that’s gang territory
    Even parts of Capitol Hill away from tourist and government spots have some issues but that’s back alleys and the like

  4. Zach Douglas says:

    Pack lightly so you dont waste as much time going through metal detectors, i went this summer and i kept in my pockets were phone wallet and chapstick. Saved hours of wating for people to check through my stuff.

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