Gunman kills 9 at hookah bars near Frankfurt, Germany

The alleged gunman who attacked two hookah lounges in Germany on Wednesday had extremist right-wing views, according to federal prosecutors. They are …

31 thoughts on “Gunman kills 9 at hookah bars near Frankfurt, Germany

  1. Post Post says:

    Dear the people of Germany, Europe and The world ; this is a fakeshow. Nobody died here. Wake up. What we have to do, is to make new peopleinitiated and peopleapproved electionlaws all over Europe. We have no democracy today.

  2. Jozef Schmidt says:

    In Germany, but also in Great Britain and other countries is beginning similar type of terrorism as in the US, terrorism of shooters, of course not as much as in the homeland, but right with the guest Pompeo in Munich. It is unfortunately import. We, as innocent countries, have no experience with such acting of hard desert countries and we know that nuclear war (shooting) has already been. The withdrawal from the anti-european North Atlantic EU will also have such consequences. But I hope that nobody suggests that we should, on the contrary, enter the Shanghai Pact terrorism. Therefore, it is necessary to be more European, German, French… and with a departure from the EU should also leave from the USA, where they have a long-standing racial problems. But otherwise we like imports and guests and refugee policy should improve, both in the USA and in EU.

  3. Átila says:

    Lol, how they phrased the fact he was “allegedly” right wing 😂😂 turning it into a divisive suggestion. And then they referred to the victims as Kurdish and Turkish 😂😂😂😂like those two could ever live together anywhere. FAKE NEWS ALERT!!!!!!

  4. Brian Burwell says:

    I think the divide or division in that country was obviously made by bringing in so many foreigners that don’t want to conform to their new home and laws, no excuse for the killings, but you can’t expect people that are so different to automatically get along just because

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