18 thoughts on “Can San Francisco Be Saved?

  1. fixpacifica says:

    The problem in SF is not the tech companies. It's the local governments, along with the state of California, that make it so hard to build new housing. NIMBYism is rampant in the state.

  2. J W says:

    I grew up in the bay and I’m sorry to say but the homelessness is caused from the enabling that the people of the government provide. There’s no accountability in CA anymore. Except to pay your taxes so they can continue to give it all away and not actually fix anything. Now imagine if there wasn’t all the free stuff with out accountability. I bet people would get there stuff together or move to a place that is affordable for there situation.

  3. Nehemiah 1:9 says:

    Well, Blacks keep stupidly voting democrats and then when it’s too late will wonder how the hell they keep ending up on the streets and why they have no more voice because liberals silenced them as well as completed their abortion anti black genocide

  4. Anne Raunet says:

    Liars! First thing one is told when you get into a lottery list is that your disability doesn't count. My husband and I are seniors 62. We were just recently number 90 out of 500 candidates but we never were called. When I finally called them they said we were close but 5 months have passed and I called they said I'm not supposed to call them that they will call us or we will just have to wait until they have an opening, when someone moves out.

    So, we went to the VTC (vehicle transit center) this is supposedly (as advertised) where they allow people to park there auto, camper or whatever vehicle you are living in because that is considered "inhabitable " but we were given a list of SRO's that were unaffordable and for singles, we are married. So, we have waited a month and I asked if they could advocate for us to get into the housing we are on the list for but I was told no. Then, I was texted telling me that they could only give us housing tips to apply " outside their service area", and asking we would be willing to move to a different city.

  5. Franco Palumbo says:

    Not a Chance in Hell if the Dem's stay in Charge – Period! Do the Math – How Long will they be given to Destroy san Francisco – People Go there because there are Zero Laws! Smart People & Business Owners leaving Everyday – Shame!

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