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Bolivia – Welcome to the “Rooftop of the World” where you can experience breathtaking landscapes, ancient civilizations and colorful wildlife. Check out the best …

26 thoughts on “Bolivia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Aminu Ali says:

    I am fascinated with Bolivia. I hope to visit it some day. But I'll make do with videos like this before then. I only hope its people are as friendly as the land is beautiful, for Bolivia is beautiful, no question about it, at least from the images I've gathered about it. Excellent video.

  2. Tech-Tips-Games says:

    I honestly want to relocate myself to Bolivia la paz but i live comfortable here in newyork, Also with access to the web i could make a living making youtube videos from the country of my origins.

  3. Adam Smith says:

    In my opinion, Bolivia is the best kept secret in the World, Bolivia is beautiful and rich in culture. BTW, Bolivia is the FASTEST GROWING ECONOMY IN SOUTH AMERICA not that poor any longer, Paraguay is and Argentina is falling apart.

  4. Miki K says:

    At first I was just attracted by the Uyuni Salt Lake, but NOW I’m obsessed with everything about this country; the people, culture, the colour of cities,…..

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