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A long layover in Phuket, Thailand, could mean a romp on the country’s largest island or an uneventful day at the airport. Skip waiting in the terminal; instead, tap …

22 thoughts on “One Day in Phuket | Expedia

  1. Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana says:

    My sister and I went to Phuket together. There are nice beaches and towns. We rode an elephant there, we rode on speedboat (I took a 8 secs video of Monkey on the sand beach in Phi Phi Island while I was on the boat), we went to elephant retirement park, we had crabs at Indian restaurant and we went to play arcade games. Phuket was our favorite place in Thailand. It reminds me of Maui, Hawaii that I went to visited on April 2016. We went to visited Thailand on last May 2018 month for 2 weeks.

  2. Al Albatross says:

    Thailand is a shitty place. Dirty and smelly. They eat dogs, cats, insects, frogs and rats. Very corrupt country. Foreigners get stopped by police for riding a scooter without helmet. Thai do not get stopped. At the airport "security" idiot took my half empty tooth paste and threw it in garbage. Why? I asked. It has capacity 125 ml he replied. How many ml has half empty tooth paste? I handed him tooth brush to "clean shit between his teeth". I was detained, sent to court where my driver told me that everything was arranged and I did not need a lawyer nor interpreter. I just had to say "yes" when judge asks me and go home. Of course, he lied. I tried to explain to judge what happened and got "interpreter's" elbow in my ribs. They took me to jail. There I met foreigners who had children with Thai women and had invested in properties in Thailand. They were waiting to be deported. They can say "good bye" to their investments and their children. They will never be admitted to Thailand again. There was a guy from Sweden (we think because of his accent) who had a stroke and could not remember who he was. They found him wondering the streets with no documents. He is in prison EIGHT YEARS. Nobody knows who he is nor where he is from. If you do not have relatives to come and get you from there you'll stay there for ever. There is one shit hole with water pipe on side. There you do everything, take a shit (they do not use toilet paper). They wash their ass using same bucket that is used to bathe over same hole. No soap. Rim of that bucket has layers of shit. Awful. How stupid they are? When I got arrested i had a case with two spearguns in it. They did not take these weapons from me. I had them with me in my cell. They asked me: What's that? Fishing I replied. OK, no problem, I like fishing too idiot replied. Iranians run the prisons. You'll be treated as dog especially if you are Jewish. If you want to eat you have to pay. Buddhism preaches tolerance and making good deeds. Who do you teach tolerance? To intolerant. Do not go there. They are mean, evil midgets.

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