10 Best Travel Destinations in Georgia USA

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22 thoughts on “10 Best Travel Destinations in Georgia USA

  1. J C says:

    If this is a video about the "state" of Georgia in the USA, you should not show a picture of a scenery in the "republic of Georgia".
    One is a state in the US, the other a country eastern of Turkey.
    This is misleading and not correct.

  2. Green Ghost says:

    Fuck Georgia! Just drove through the state from florida to south carolina, and it took an extra two hours. First it was all the state troopers stopping anyone they could. So everyone one was driving slow. Clearly the state needs cash. I mean 7 pull overs we saw in a 45 min span. Then it went to a 15 mph crawl because the highway is moving so slow due to all the construction signs all over. Yet the kicker is not one fucking person was out working on the road. Not one truck. Not even materials set out. Just slow as fuck traffic for no damn reason. Because of this I will never stay in your scum bag state. Shame on the govener of this flea trap of a state. The visitor center in South Carolina was full of other driver bitching openly about the whole ordeal we all went through. Good way to promote your state. Swamp trash of a state.

  3. Matthew says:

    Born, raised, and lived in Georgia most of my life. I've been to each of these destinations before and can say that most of my best experiences took place in other areas of the state besides two metro areas and one mountain park. Georgia has much much more to offer than just Atlanta. I can't stand the city.

  4. James Lee says:

    All attractions in the City of Atlanta should have just been put together to make way for others, such as the Okeefeenokee Reserve, Helen, Tybee Island, and Providence Canyon.

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