1st Saturday Kapaa | KAUAI NIGHT LIFE | HAWAII Vacation Tips

This week’s adventure takes us back to Kapaa for 1st Saturday. Join us as we explore the vendors, food trucks and enjoy a little live music! To order that …

35 thoughts on “1st Saturday Kapaa | KAUAI NIGHT LIFE | HAWAII Vacation Tips

  1. Douglas becker says:

    We will there in three weeks, always wanted to do 1st. Saturday..This trip we get in 3:30 and are definitely going to go, Thank so much for the reminder, Love your videos, always are waiting for the next one.

  2. Kristin U says:

    Aloha! And mahalo for another great video! We hit first Saturday during our visit last July after seeing your first video on it. What a great time! I'm so happy to re-visit it virtually with you guys! Can't wait to get back some day!

  3. Kelly Kitchens says:

    Enjoyed your First Saturday tour. Dang we missed it though somehow. Have enjoyed your spinning gym too. My last ride is today at 12:30 – the route ride. We'll be back next year – I'm lobbying for a month visit next year. One month a year on Kauai – each day is the best day ever. Thx much for helping to somehow make our vacation even better.

  4. Ryan Pries says:

    I got to go to First Saturday in October 2019. It was a blast. We had just got in so we were a bit tired so we didn’t get to see any of the music or fire dancing. We ate at the Olympic. It was good, but I would suggest maybe saving your appetite for the street vendors because there was so much good food but we didn’t eat much because we were already full. Anyway. Great time. We also got to take a helicopter tour with a Brodi.

  5. George Deka says:

    Thank you very much! I love your videos! I'm going to Kauai in April with 5 of my best friends. Your information is so helpful. Thank you again we look forward to visiting your island. 💕💕💕💕🌴🌴🌴🌴

  6. Mike Geran says:

    We just got back from visiting and always catch a Saturday Kapaa Street Fair. Paniolo’s is definitely one of our favourite places to eat. Great food, value, and entertainment. Nice video!

  7. Adam G says:

    Very cool video! That bbq looks awesome and so does basically everything else there.

    Thanks again for recommending Nom too! That brunch was so great.

    Did you end up getting to see Galaxy's Edge? I now watch TimTracker too thanks to your recommendation!

  8. Heather Hanoski says:

    Yes I watched your video of making the amazingly yummy dessert at The MonkeyPodJam! I do hope to visit this business, And I have watched a whole lot more. I would just like to let the two of you know that I am Here, I am on Kauai, at The Point of Poipu, we will be here until Friday, then Sadly we will have to go home! Two years ago we had our first visit to Kauai, with the newly weds, our daughter and her husband, his parents and us, shared their honeymoon time after their main ceremony on Maui! We rented an amazing house so close to here, it even had its own pool!!!! We had a very wonderful adding to our experiences and so far we did one repeat Adventure and that was to go to the Secret falls via Kayak/hike and loved it Still Yet Again! We are looking to do new and different adventures, I can update you on these, some of our ideas include: Rent A Dog at the Humane Society, Kauai Coffee Plantation, Princeville/Farmacy, some of the many beautiful beaches around! Waimea Canyon Also……………I have a whole list, ideas came from watching your videos! One of our challenges is that we are with our 6 month old granddaughter, earlier I wrote our daughter was recently Mauiied! Well they are recently New Parents so life is a lot more OHT, a lot of time to relax and unwind, and life is more than good! So have a young family traveling with us, having some strong weather/high winds, rain, cooler temps than we really wanted, well we are now kicking the experiencing time into high gear! Cheers from Canada, Saskatchewan, Deer Valley, Heather and Darrell Hanoski, Quinn, Tanner, Hallie Folk and Dionn Hanoski and Lexi Dean.

  9. 137thedub says:

    Awesome, what a timely posting as we will be there over the 1st of July this year and are planning out our days now. Thanks so much for all the vids, I'm a new subscriber and making my way through all your past posts. Aloha!

  10. Chip Larrimore says:

    Aloha guys. Loved the video and so great to see people enjoying all that Kauai has to offer even when the weather's not perfect. And thanks for noting the vegetarian menu at Paniolo's. Will definitely check that out next time we're back on the island. Mahalo nui.

  11. Alaskaman79 says:

    Thanks for all of your videos! I’m heading to Kauai for a week in late April for my birthday. Booked my hotel and planned all of my activities based off of your guys’ recommendations!

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