37 thoughts on “360 | How Far | Australia | Expedia

  1. Md. Tawhidul Islam says:

    One of the most beautiful advertisements I have ever seen. Great scenarios and amazing voice have made this video more beautiful. It has increased my urge to travel the world and to see the unseen and to know the unknown.

  2. Jordan Meyer says:

    This is the best advertisement I have ever seen. The first of thousands of ads on Youtube that I have watched of my own volition. I will use Expedia just for producing such a piece of art as this.

  3. Xiran Wang says:

    This is one of the few ads (and a long one too) that I watched all the way through and even came back to give it a like just so I could watch it again whenever I want to.

  4. Eduard Rotaru says:

    That's incredible that you can even do that my mind is blown I have so many words to try and describe it but I just can't wow I'm so impressed by this video would love to see more

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