Tove Jansson Moomin Tour of Helsinki

Today I decided to take you on a little tour around Helsinki of some historic sites related to Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins. If you’d like to sign up for the …

28 thoughts on “Tove Jansson Moomin Tour of Helsinki

  1. Nelli Alla Prima says:

    Don’t know if you knew this, but there are actually a few wall paintings of Tove's that are free to access in the country. There are some in Kotka and Hamina. There are some frescos in Helsinki as well, but mainly in museums I think. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong about this 😀

  2. Nea Sten says:

    Your video made me smile 😊 One little addition for your tour would be Moomin cafe. You were quite near there already. It's just beside Esplanaadi. They also have gift shop in there.

  3. Narril says:

    Hello. Youtube suggested your videos and after several nice videos I decided to order your channel.
    I would like to suggest you take a tour around Turku, Tampere and perhaps couple other smaller towns close to Helsinki.
    I like historical buildings and old castles myself. Altho Finnish castles are not that grand, like central european ones, we have several of them, but perhaps you already knew that.

  4. KerranKaksi says:

    It's soooo great to see you back Tyler! We need people like you here in Finland! Figure it out and get some cool stuff going on in your life…and please share it with us! 😉

  5. Anna Kaunitz says:

    As a native Swedish speaker in Stockholm, I suggest you look into the Swedish language to understand many aspects of TJ, her life, books etc.

    One advantage with Swedish, as a native English speaker, for you, is the fact that both Swedish and English are similar Germanic languages.

    Practice saying TJ. There has to be tons of material in both Finland and Sweden on how to pronounce TJ correct. Like Yle, SVT, SR in Sweden (public tv and radio, free, might require a vpn) videos on YT and locals.

    In Sweden, we are pretty used to get our language and names butchered constantly, but, it gets cringe and embarrassing if tour guides or similar, don’t get the simple basics correct.
    I suspect it’s the same way in Finland. It’s perceived as a massive lack of respect and professionalism. Don’t be “an/the expert”, if you aren’t. Especially as a guest in an other country.

    Here are two excellent fun info sources

    Great to see you loving Helsinki and TJ. Everybody loves the “mumintrollen” as they are called in Sweden. Helsinki is a spectacular city. The Finns are awesome people.

  6. Thelma Lynne says:

    According to a ancient oral saga and history kept in a family from Finland Hel was once a mighty pagandom or heathen center of the North. In the year 1050 Pope Leo the 9th sent a mercenary army of 30,000 men to go and destroy Hel. These Christian soldiers killed most of the inhabitants and burned Hel to the ground. Hel laid in ruin for exactly 500 years.However in the year 1550 Hel was rebuilt and renamed to be Helsinki Finland as it is known today. Continued

  7. Vauhdin hurmaa says:

    Moi/Hei/Hi, could it be possible to meet at Helsinki some point? I would love To meet you at some point and just talk. Im shy fin that love to meet new people and would like to get my English even better. Love your videos, keep it up! 🤗

  8. Asp Tuber says:

    If you want to you could also include the Bank of Finland in your tour, as Tove's mother Signe Hammarsten-Jansson ("Ham" was her signature) worked in the printing operation. She was a graphic artist and designed loads of stamps, and also some bank notes.

  9. J.Miraela H. says:

    I absolutely loved this tour😍 Even tho I’m finnish I didn’t know those things about Tove. I loved to watch Moomins when I was younger but to be honest you don’t have to be a kid to watch Moomins🤗 I’m 26 years old and I still would watch Moomins🙈 And Moomin mugs😍 Oh my god they’re so cute😍 I hope your business grows fast so you can stay here and enjoy your favorite city in the world🙌🏻

  10. Sarah Kate says:

    Which moomin mugs do you have? I'm a big moomin collector and so I bought sooo many while in Sweden last month. I have: Snufkin, Sniff, Mymble, Hobgoblin, Toffle and Miffle(and the matching teapot), and the winter one(I mean technically I bought it for my bf but we'll soon live together so).

  11. joona2000 says:

    One more Moomin tip: the new series of "Muumilaakso/Moomin valley" was released while you were away and is watchable in Yle Areena until 2026 (your friends probably already told you this). Unfortunately not translated in english there but eventually it will be as this is an international production with UK. Most expencive Finnish tv series ever. Check it out! Great music! Every episode has different theme song by different artist.

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