Irish Food & What to Eat in Ireland – Visit Ireland

Potatoes, Lamb & Shepard’s Pie are probably the three most common Irish foods that people think of, but visiting Ireland will be quite an amazing culinary …

41 thoughts on “Irish Food & What to Eat in Ireland – Visit Ireland

  1. Mike Williams says:

    Please let the water cover this guy. Mark asked about my ‘haté. Sorry I stopped my commentary by mistake.

    1. I love the subject…not a guy talking to camera. He asked me about my hate…tell someone in Dublin you are an a American looking for your roots and you will understand ´hate,´

    2. As a chef and Irish…love the subject…hate a fat American who likes more about him than the subject

  2. VerdigrisWolf says:

    If I may… great video, great info, great tips. I plan to visit Ireland within the year to take it off of my bucket list. Tip: expand your vocabulary. Not disrespecting your choice of words, just expand your choice of words for explaining the emotions and feelings you have … be more narrating in your videos.. also, maybe take a little longer in preparation for your videos to produce r a more well rounded and organized execution of your videos. I think a few more “takes” could help your videos sky rocket in views, success, and appreciation. Hope you see this comment to better yourselves! Thanks for the advice of course, now I want to try Everything you suggested! Sloncha!

  3. Rachael Gomez says:

    Gross! I rather just eat potatoes🍀 and taking a shower with Irish spring🍀 and Finding me a rainbow 🏳️‍🌈 to collect some gold to purchased a one way ticket back to the states 🇺🇸 ✌

  4. samuski36 says:

    Chips are NOT part of a traditional Irish breakfast…why do people do this? And if it's made with beef, it's "Cottage pie", not Shepard's pie. How can ya get that one wrong when it's right there in the name…Shepard's pie…ie: Sheep! Lamb!

  5. Mark James says:

    I spent most of my life (so far) in Ireland but I struggle to answer when people ask what is traditional Irish food; I usually can think of only potatoes, irish stew, bacon and cabbage – mostly bland stuff….I'm not aware of much else that is UNIQUELY Irish

  6. sakamuras s says:

    i went to ireland for a couple of days, and honestly, i don't think i interacted with anyone who was actually irish. the airport staff, taxi drivers, hotel staff, restaurant waiters/waitresses, shopkeepers, cashiers – all appeared to be either east european or middle eastern. food was -meh. but i'm not a big fan of fish or lamb. was a very odd experience, but perhaps i should have carried along me lucky charms.

  7. Larry Cook says:

    The only thing that shocked us that restaurants don't know what ice tea is. We found that in every place we ate for 12 days. They asked what it was a d made me some in a couple of places.

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