At times, it’s HARD living in a new country! This video is Part 2 of the struggles we face living and traveling in Mexico. ▻Learn Spanish like us with this free trial: …

43 thoughts on “20 More UNEXPECTED STRUGGLES for Foreigners in MEXICO

  1. Sebastián carrillo says:

    los mexicanos no tienen la costumbre de llegar a la hora que acordó.
    Si se dijo que a las 4, es muy probable que piensen que a las 4 para que lleguen antes de las 5 porque todos son impuntuales (hablando de reuniones sociales).

  2. Ernesto Vargas says:

    I am Mexican, I never arrive late anywhere and it annoys me if people are late. I know it is customary to wait for people being late but I don't wait for more than 10 min. I don't get angry or complain, but I don't wait for anyone more than that and I think twice if that person wants to meet me again.

  3. Joselyn Castaneda says:

    Hello Tangerines! Special hello to Laska!! 🥰 My husband and I Love to travel all throughout Mexico but we especially like Quintana Roo. Our Husky Nala have extreme separation anxiety 🥺 We want to continue to travel, but not without our Nala. Can you recommend places on good quality dog boarding out there? I’d greatly appreciate the info.

  4. Word Link says:


  5. fabian miranda says:

    Hi, I'm 🇲🇽 and watch your videos very often, like them a lot. I want to comment a few points, please take them as constructive feedback.

    No ☕? That's a new one for me, maybe is a Sonora thing but everywhere else you'll find it.

    Cell data. Is not a 🇲🇽 problem, I'm in the 🇺🇸 and with my Mexican plan I get data… Only in big tourist cities though, been living in Indiana for about a year now, my Telcel works but data sucks.

    Spanish learning. I recommend you guys expand your social group, get to know more local people, go to parties and lunch with them, not saying you have not and since you move to different cities makes it harder but I promise that will improve yours Spanish radically.

    Punctuality. No need to say you're right, it is a known issue but please take one thing into consideration, life in 🇲🇽 and many other Latin America countries is not money driven as life in the 🇺🇸 so people tend to be more relaxed, not saying is correct, just stating a fact.

    My point is, moving to different countries and cultures is a challenge no matter where you do it, if you were German living in the 🇺🇸 you would have challenges as well, garanteed

  6. Edgar Perez says:

    Have you guys visited Zacatecas? That capital with the same name has a lot of history from when Spain and France took over, and it's not hot there lol they have a hill with a legend too (el cerro de la bufa)

  7. A Taco & a Tear says:

    Mexican toilets used to just have 1" lines, so they wouldn't accept much toilet paper. As far as Montezuma's revenge, yes I have had that experience too. I now to take grapefruit seed extract with me . You guys do what you do very well. Thanks

  8. Marco Avila says:

    hope Maddie is felling better now, four hours late!! that is madness. Leave after 15 minutes if they do not show up nest time they will be on time. Regarding Moctezuma's revenge one can try adding probiotics weeks before your trip.

  9. d n says:

    I use Telcel when in Mexico and to call outside of Mexico you need the country's number/code eg: for Canada 001 incerted in front of the full number you want to call.

  10. sid costello says:

    Hey guy's , I have a suggestion for a video that I wish had been available to me back when I was traveling regularly to Cabo and East Cape on fishing trips. During one trip I happened to get hurt requiring a hospital visit. It was a rather freak accident while on my own time ashore in between fishing days. What I encountered in my search for medical care was stuff straight out of a cheap crime paperback. Scary Cartel stuff and "preferred" versus "no way-no how" doctors and facilities. Have you guys ever put together a guideline for American tourists to carry in case they get hurt?

  11. Isabella Cortes says:

    Tienen razón en todo lo dicen así son mis paisanos los animales es lo qué más me preocupa esta muy mal todo yo soy Oaxaqueña regresa pronto para ayudar a mi pueblo y sobre todo al los animales no sé preocuparse por su español estan muy bien

  12. Mr. Wisdom says:

    As a Mexican living in the US and visiting Mexico twice a year, I just completely avoid having any kind of appointments, just to keep myself from getting pissed off knowing that there is a good chance that the set time will not be respected.

  13. christine c says:

    I just starting watching your videos, and I think the 2 of you are precious!. So, these comments are kind of related to a few of your videos I've seen so far.

    I've only done the tourist type of travel in Mexico– several cruises, a week in Cozumel once, and Cancun twice. Having said that, I was warned by so many friends and family to not travel to Mexico. ( NOT that they've even left the country!) Then in the last couple of years, there have been all sorts of bad news reports of violent crimes in Mexico , and then the US embassy put out travel warnings. It made Mexico sound so scary. Needless to say, we were cautious. And that is good sense regardless.

    I could feel what you were saying about the warnings you received from your family too.

    But , my experiences in Mexico was nothing but wonderful !. The people were the most friendly, and helpful I've ever met. I realize, I am a tourist , and tourist are the bread and butter to those people working so hard in that industry. But, I don't think this warmth is simply a paycheck. It just seems so genuine to me.

    We have friends who we consider to be more daring than my husband and I have been when it came to travel. They love Mexico, and have rented a car and spent 2-3 weeks per trip, often 2-3 times per year. They have done many of these Mexican road trips, and stayed and VRBO's and have amazing experiences.

    Thanks to them, and now thanks to you, I am learning the appeal of getting off the tourist area ( somewhat !!) ( Baby steps!! LOL!) I like the video where you wish you had shut out the voices that kept saying " what if this bad thing happens? or that bad thing happens?– what if? what if? what if??!!" . Kuddos to you both for doing that! What a great adventure you are both having!

    And yes, sharing your journey helps someone like me obtain good info for a journey in my future.

    I give a you 5 tangerine car rating!

  14. HE D says:

    I think it always depends on the sewer infrastructure. Most places in Mexico, that are not built for tourists, you probably should not put toilet paper in the toilet, but in the trash can. On the other hand, when our Mexican family comes to visit us in the US I make sure our bathroom trash cans have plastic bags otherwise I'm in for a not so nice surprise!

  15. Diego Monroy Fraustro says:

    Yeah, "Mexican Time" also annoys the heck out of me. You can follow these rules and you won't be that frustrated:
    – When meeting a Mexican friend, do INSIST if they can make it on time; if they didn't do it TELL THEM (not with hate but with a serious face–"don't do it again, please")
    – When meeting with a stranger, make sure they text you when they are leaving for the appointment–you can do so at the same time.
    – If meeting with a an intent of buying, selling, an interview, business, etc. it is considered VERY rude to not be on time (yes, ironic…), so expect that from the other side unless you know they are on heavy traffic or they text/call you. Not doing so is considered unprofessional and you can easily lose a client or potential business opportunity. **Note that this mainly applies to more professional activities, not your usual interaction.
    – Expect nothing less than CRIPPLING time waste when government is involved.
    – Bad traffic correlates with people being late; partly because of culture, partly because it's a game-changer for schedules.
    – The less busy and urban the city, the more "flexible" are people with appointments.
    – As in everything, there are Mexicans who don't like being late and others that make a national sport; learn who prefers what.
    – Communicate! Get in touch with people before the appointment, to make sure they'll make it on time.
    – If someone's late, tell them "yeah no problem, you owe me the next meal though" –at least you get a free meal or beer!

  16. sxtn102 says:

    I ran into the same issue while visiting the north coastline of Jamaica! Yeah, that's right! The home of Blue Mtn Coffee! Waking up in the foothills of the coffee plantations, we wandered the village asking, only getting these odd looks like drinking coffee was a foreign concept. It was extremely odd and totally disturbing, like a bad dream! Never did get an explanation to understand why. Lynn

  17. princess Ruby says:

    I'm an Indian and my bf from Mexico!now we are in LDR and that's why I'm watching this video, I think I have learn about mexican culture !I hope we'll meet one day after that do you guys accept me when i come to Mexico???
    Now I'm learning Spanish too

  18. Norma Bardwell says:

    Ooooo, I'm one of the elite! Do you have an award for that , or a t-shirt? LOL. Hi, Trish! Good to see you! And the TP thing…my husband is seriously now considering not moving because of that!

  19. Are Gomez says:

    As a Mexican, I hate it when people are late. Even though it's part of our culture we should evolve into being punctual because being late takes a toll on productivity. Sometimes we want to act as a first world country but we don't behave as such.

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