GENIUS Travel Hacks that will surprise even *seasoned* travelers!

Nobody told you, you can *double* your carryon space by utilizing these simple and effective hacks! E V E R Y T H I N G M E N T I O N E D : ↠ The Bento Bag …

40 thoughts on “GENIUS Travel Hacks that will surprise even *seasoned* travelers!

  1. Little Moccasin says:

    Pack that yacket! 😆 That kind of thing makes me so happy. Now where’s Harper’s loaded down carry on? LOL I think your Norwegian genes give you the practical, travel light, sensible budget facet of your mindset (when you could realistically spend far more on xyz… I appreciate how you balance things. Everyone appreciates practical, quality workhorse gear that looks good and doesn’t break the bank.)
    My black Longchamp large Pliage shopper has survived 20 years of world travel and has been one of my all time favorite gifts anyone has given me. I had no idea how much I would end up loving that simple, ingenious, classy tote!
    Thanks for a fun video ma dear!

  2. shinnam says:

    Ryan Air, and other EU budget air lines only allow ONE carry on item. That means a purse or messenger bag has to go in your bigger bag, or you have to pay extra for it. I think Ryan air charges around $40 US.

  3. Jennifer Harris says:

    How funny. I could tell you were a Houstonian before I even read your "About" section. Must be that unmistakable dialect we have. Went to HS (Lee) with Braly's. But clicked on this vid b/c I have the Bento and love it. Took it all across Asia. Literally indispensable.

  4. Deanna B says:

    My underseat bag fits way more than the bento, it has wheels, and is stackable on any other piece in set. It’s the Delsey Hyperglide rolling tote, it can be purchased separately or in a nesting set. I can pack a 3 day weekend of clothes into it. Too many dividers on the interior like the bento take up space, and allows for less content to be packed in.

  5. Shelly Begeske says:

    We ordered the Pacum and, yes, it does ship from China. We ordered it on February 2 and it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Feb 12. So it takes about 10 days from order date to receipt date. We also ordered 2 sets of the bags, which were $25/each. We were able to get the Pacum, itself, for around $50.

  6. XOJO Jennifer Oestriecher says:

    GREAT VIDEO, as usual!!!

    😥😥😥 Bento Bag is out of my budget. So, I tried looking for a comparable & less expensive option. No luck!!!!! So, I am starting a collection jar to get one before Spring 2021. By then the youngest will have been out of school & a practicing RN who won’t need our financial support… UNLESS! she decides to go to graduate school 🤔

    PS. I have many bags that fit under the seat. BUT!!! the functionality is never quite what I need; hence, I have so many!!! We travel a lot & I need a Bento Bag sooner than later!!!! Splurging on a big celebratory vacation after she finishes nursing school this May – maybe I cam reconfigure the budget 😂 or, if Nomad Lanes wants me to vigorously test it out & report back to my cruse forums, I am soooooo here for it 😉

  7. Canon says:

    I have a ton of Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic and I can tell ya it's the best money I've ever spent. They have a travel shawl that is indispensable to me travel or not. I keep one in the car should I be caught out without a jacket, I use it for a blanket either in bed or on the sofa watching TV, it's great to grab in the summer when the frozen food aisle is too cold at the store, etc. Tip: never use fabric softener on them, just hang them to dry or if in a hurry, dry with no fabric softener else they can get crunchy feeling. I don't buy fancy things generally, but I became obsessed with the stuff after I got a robe for Christmas and went out in an unexpected snow storm, 15 degrees, while camping and wasn't cold. Now, I just wear my CC cardigan all winter as my winter coat and that's all I need no matter the weather. It really is the best stuff I've ever owned.

  8. Johann Kao says:

    Cute bento bag, but for $198 USD…all zippers should be YKK zippers (like most popular travel bags out there do). On their site, the 1-3 stars reviews mentioned zippers were a problem. The company responded that only the middle zipper is YKK.

  9. Oogle at Luxury says:

    I always use a small Longchamp bag as my handbag in the airport. Right before we board, I empty it out into my backpack and fold it up to put into my backpack. That way, I can have a handbag while we're in the airport, since it helps me keep track of my wallet. Lost it once at the airport in college and now I'm paranoid!

  10. Victoria Greenroyd says:

    Thanks so much for all the tips…I've purchased the Bento bag last night and cannot wait for its arrival. My husband and I are traveling to Israel in April ; this will be such a boost to traveling smoothly. Many of your tips I've purchased or will soon. Thankfully I own multiple Barefoot Dreams cardigans, etc. Much love, Victoria Greenroyd

  11. cmd20 says:

    Love the bag review. Researching for a new one looking at the nomad lane and away everywhere bag now 😃

    Also I love the pouch idea. I have one for my glasses, contacts etc and I always know exactly where it is and always have the essentials in an easy to find small make up style pouch. I also have a small mytagalongs electronics bag where I keep travel nightstand essentials (charger cables for phone/watch, chapstick, sleep mask and earplugs). Thinking back to travelling a few years ago … how did I survive without being so organized 😣🤔

  12. Jess Hale says:

    I’m about to graduate high school and am very interested in pursuing a career in anesthesiology but don’t have much guidance to help me know where to start. Do you think you can make a detailed video explaining the steps I’d need to take to start my education, a way (if there is) to decrease the schooling from 10/12 years and ways to get college grants etc ?

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