5 Foods You Have to Eat in Chicago

Visiting Chicago means having some of Chicago’s amazing traditional foods. Here are our favorite traditional Chicago eats that you should have on your next …

36 thoughts on “5 Foods You Have to Eat in Chicago

  1. C Fish says:

    I live in chicago and my friends and I have a rule. If we order pizza, NO CHAINS. Dominos, Pizza Hut, hell no. Not when you have all the good Chicago pizza.

  2. Patrick O'Donnell says:

    It's funny, I have watched lots of these travel vlogs of people going to Chicago and you can tell that everyone watches everyone else's vlog before they go to Chicago because they all eat at exactly the the same places, eating exactly the same things as the people in the other vlogs. They eat that rainbow colored cake, and I am not even familiar with the place as a Chicagoan myself, because it's a tourist place no doubt meant to be super expensive to separate them from their fat vacation dollars. And they go to Garrett's to get cheddar cheese and caramel popcorn, and they go to Giordano's and eat half a piece and they are full. I eat half a pizza. I go to D'Agostinos or Bacino's or Edwardo's or Nancy's or Aurelio's. And they go to Portillo's, the Disney version of a restaurant chain hotdog place, and they think that you have to have a hotdog with a full pickle spear, and relish, and tomato, and onions, and celery salt and this and that and the other thing on it because they have been told that's what a Chicago dog is. You can eat it however you want…just no ketchup. I know of nobody who eats a dog with all that crap on it. You go to Demon Dawgs or Nana's or Gene and Jude's and get 2 or 3 dogs with just mustard on them, and maybe a little diced onion and a sport pepper or two but you don't have to eat it like it's a bloody mary or something just because you want to live like a real Chicagoan for a day and think we eat them like that. It's like, go out on your own and don't just eat the overly commercialised chain restaurant tourist loop food or what other people doing other vlogs are eating and you want to eat that to because you see their video got alot of views. There's so many great Mexican and Peruvian food joints all over the city. There is such great Greek food in Greek town like at Roditis. There is great asian food and Thai food and Vietnamese food all over, especially in uptown. Go to Ricobene's in Bridgeport. Pizzeria Uno, Gino's East, and Giordano's stink. Lou Malnati's, Pequod's, Vito and Nick's and many others are all great.

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