Anchorage Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Anchorage – a destination of awe-inspiring beauty difficult to rival. Watch this travel guide video to see why Anchorage is one of Alaska’s greatest vacation spots.

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  1. Nature and percussion says:

    Our planet was once all nice and unspoiled beauty, but as the human populations grow massively they destroyed so many places. Humans population growth is a threat, as the world population keeps on growing more and more.

    Each year the world population grows about 83 million people, ( after death), so who knows how long will all these places last.

    Many people keep bringing too many kids on this planet, I don't know to what limits do these people think they can keep shitting on the planet, but they should stop, I see more and more developments every year all over the planet, destroying nature on their ugly, congested, path of growth, all caused by those people that bring more than one or 2 kids.

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