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Boston – Discover a city with roots in the past and eyes to the future. Check out all the best places to visit in Boston. When ready, browse vacation packages to X: …

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  1. Bahia Chaaibi says:

    First of it great video and nice narration. And would you please stop arguing about the narrator s accent. It is more important to visit boston on youtube than give silly comments about the accent. Anyway he is an american like everybody here. Thx

  2. David Israel says:

    I'm from UK, Boston is my American sports base, and is hence in my top places I to visit in USA along with Nashville. I guess I may need to prepare for some cold weather lol for Boston.

  3. roltthehunter says:

    I just moved to Boston I wish there was more travel stuff for this city, because the historical stuff is just so-so for me, and I don't really know where to go with my time off, I did go to a BBQ in JP and that was really nice, it's pretty out there, but I live in North Cambridge and it was a hell of a trip to get out there :/

  4. Mark Braley says:

    Expedia Did you know that Benjamin Franklin (Thursday, January 17, 1706-Saturday, April 17, 1790) lived in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts for 17 years from 1706 to 1723? Yes or No?

  5. Evolutionism Is Anti-Science Lie says:

    Just outside of Boston, even within the state of Massachusetts you can find history everywhere. The site of the first gunshot in the American Revolution, the Battles of Lexington and Concord in Lexington and Concord, Salem Witch Trial in Salem, Puritans who got off Mayflower in 1620 first celebrated the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth can be found just outside of Boston within Massachusetts. The Second and six presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams could be learned about in their birthplace of Quincy. American authors and poets like Nathaniel Hawthorne (who wrote “Scarlett Letter” and “House of Seven Gables”), Louisa May Alcott (who wrote “The Little Women”), Emerson (who was also a Boston Latin School alumnus) also lived and wrote their famous books in Massachusetts. Visit the Orchard House of Louisa May Alcott where she wrote “The Little Women” in Concord, and the House of Seven Gables of Nathaniel Hawthorne in Salem. Don’t miss out on the famous Boston red lobsters, clam chowder and other types of seafood. Take the Green E Line on the MBTA Subway system and visit Boston Symphony Orchestra, Northeastern University (my alma Mayer) which has the first and best COOP (work and study rotations) system in the nation, Museum of Fine Arts, and Longwood Medical Area for the world-famous top-notched Harvard-affiliated hospitals which consistently rank in the tops in national ranking. Boston Children’s Hospital consistently ranks number 1 in pediatrics care. Brigham and Women’s Hospital consistently ranks high nationwide and is one of the best gynecology hospitals. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ranks among the best in cancer research and treatment. Take the Red Line and visit Park Street Church, Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary (top-notched world famous hospitals and Harvard-affiliated), MIT and Harvard University in the city of Cambridge. Berklee School of Music is also the best music school in the nation. The more I think about Boston, the more I miss it. I need to get out of this fallen angel city of Los Angeles. In terms of history, culture, heritage, education, healthcare system, and the overall qualities of people, Boston is way better than Los Angeles.

  6. Evolutionism Is Anti-Science Lie says:

    I am a alumna of Boston Latin School, the oldest school established in America in 1635z. Freedom Trail has a stop on the original site of Boston Latin School with a statue of Benjamin Franklin, the famous dropout of Boston Latin school. Harvard University, originally Harvard College and the oldest university in the US, was founded one year later in 1636 to receive our school’s first graduating class. The current location of Boston Latin School is on 78 Ave. Louis Pasteur which faces Harvard Medical School in the famous Longwood Medical Area which hosts many Harvard-affiliated hospitals. I used to intern as a pharmacy student for Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, two principal teaching hospitals for Harvard Medical School.

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