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Cancun – a city famed for its beachside beauty, history and wild nightlife. Check out the best places to explore both on and off the sand. When ready, browse …

40 thoughts on “Cancun Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Caribbean Travel Guide says:

    We love Cancun and like this video. But Cancun isn't always "surrounded by the warm waters of the Yucatan". The water temperature during our February visit plus the trade winds were too chilly for swimming all week; no one else swam either. It's better to go in March, April or May.

  2. Jose Vasquez says:

    Cancun is a beautiful place to visit. One thing I did not like was that everything is cater to tourism. I wanted to be immerse in another country but I felt I was in the States.. I recommend play de carmen, there I felt that I was in Mexico. Tacos and traditional mexican dishes..

  3. Denis Grassia says:

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