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Chicago – From humble beginnings, this city has bloomed into one of the USA’s frontrunners. Check out the top sights in Chicago and start planning a trip!

23 thoughts on “Chicago Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Purple Freax says:

    Is my home town& i live in Chicago
    Economy is horrifying terrible very expensive

    Beautiful city but people make it bad

    Try not to get shot in Chicago cause
    Chicago has the most high rates of crimes & rats are just unbelievable infested Of course is the city but god dam

    All though does have cool music festivals & other activities

    Just the crimes the economy ect is terrible

  2. Chicagogal63 says:

    Born and raised here, the tourist areas that are mentioned here are fine but if you want a true experience of this town get out of downtown and explore the neighborhoods, they will not disappoint.

  3. No Brang says:

    Chicago is pretty cool. It has a great downtown and a great and interesting history. Unfortunately it is infamous for its violence but that doesn't stop Chicago from being one of the greatest American cities. it will still forever be the 2nd city

  4. Princessita says:

    I LOVE Chicago, USA im from the Philippines!
    9 Fun and Interesting Facts About Chicago
    1. Spray paint was invented in Chicago

    2. Look out at four states from the Willis Tower

    3. Home of the Twinkie

    4. The world’s first all-color television station

    5. The only river in the world that flows backwards

    6. First televised presidential debate

    7. The first US blood bank

    8. First open-heart surgery

    9. Indulge in local fare at The Taste of Chicago

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