Cusco Travel Guide | The Ancient Inca Capital of Peru

Some say Cusco is the Rome of the Americas and to be honest…we’d have to agree. Join Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers, and explore the ancient Inca …

20 thoughts on “Cusco Travel Guide | The Ancient Inca Capital of Peru

  1. Raul Colenbrander says:

    13:38 Yes and no. The pure Peruvian (and so Incan) bloodline is dying and will be eradicated very soon because still to a couple of years back the genocide hasn’t stopped. Pure blood Peruvian woman would be taken of the streets and be sterilized. Next to that Quecha the language of the Inca is dying. Less and less people and speaking it.

  2. Raul Colenbrander says:

    11:58 Indeed they don’t know EXACTLY but the answer is the Inca were just that good. There are even people claiming it to be build by Aliens because such people in Peru couldn’t possible build this. Vagabrothers you didn’t say this I am not attacking you I am just mentioning it because other people say that.

  3. Raul Colenbrander says:

    10:52 You are not allowed by the authorities of Cusco to touch that wall. Every tourist wants to touch the wall and yes it’s tempting and cool because it’s there hundreds and hundreds of years and was build by them. But if everyone touches that wall it will crumble faster and faster. So please everyone going there. Stand before it and take a nice picture but please keep your hands of it so this wall can stand here for hundreds of years to come.

  4. Raul Colenbrander says:

    8:23 What is some real traditional food is Lomo Saltado or Malinesa de Pollo. Those are dishes what the locals eat, really delicious. What you got maybe had the inspiration of traditional food but it’s actually bit Westernized and fancied up. Still delicious and it looked good, but you gotta try those other dishes. + Try Cuy (Guinea Pig), that’s typically Peru, and Alpaca dishes. Alpaca is just like sheep for them so don’t think you’re eating their cat or dog or something they eat that too in the mountains, very healthy and nutritious.

  5. Raul Colenbrander says:

    4:47 Saqsaywaman (as you spelled it which is wrong: Sacsayhuamán) is not a fortress. It’s the foundation of an ancient sun temple and perhaps a kind of palace for the emperor. The Europeans think it’s a fortress because it’s resembles the most to a fortress because they had never seen anything with such high big stone walls. But so you know, it’s not a fortress.

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