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Darwin – Welcome to the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. This coastal city has lots on offer; check out our video to see the best spots to visit. When ready …

27 thoughts on “Darwin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Jude Fernandez says:

    The most laidback city in the world and I live in Melbourne and I would love to move to Darwin any day . Been there twice and hope to be there in June again God willing .Love Darwin and the people and everything about this beautiful place and pl note I did not say City but the whole of Darwin and my family and friends who live there .

  2. DamStr8t says:

    Hi all, I didn't receive any notifications for any of the questions you guys sent me as the all went to a spam account. I only just happened to come across this video now 2 years later. Please except my apology, I would never deliberately ignore your questions

  3. Risky Design says:

    Media portrayal about NT is slightly scary. Wolf Creek tells about the abduction and murder of British tourists which apparently based on true story of Peter Falconio that happened in Barrow Creek, and Rogue was inspired by Sweetheart which attacked boats in Darwin. But, I frankly still wanna go to Darwin so much.

    Anyway, I am having my work holiday visa destination to Darwin and cannot wait anymore, as I heard that the city has less people who is suitable for introverts who hate human species. I hope it's true.

  4. Kim _ says:

    I used to live in Darwin for one year and I fell in love with the city. There's nothing I can say about this town it's just so beautiful and unique. I met so many great people there. Everyone seems to enjoy their life. I really hope to go back once again sometime

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