Delhi Travel Guide

Our Delhi Travel guide! Wow this city is incredible. Download the Attaché book: Delhi is a city like no other. Sprawling, loud …

24 thoughts on “Delhi Travel Guide

  1. Suzanne Ouellette says:

    Someone close to me went to New Delhi without warning about the frauds and the dangers. They had a really bad experience with the taxi as they got out of the airport. More problems went their way until they were warned about how to travel. They have also been told not to take the metros, not safe, they could be beaten, etc…. so before heading that country, make sure you know how to get around, you could have a scary experience like they did. There is also many places not to go, dangerous even some parks with monkeys, dogs, they are dangerous. Do not walk alone. Many more things to be aware. So be save out there.

  2. Irfan says:

    I appreciate you way of presentation. Great travel channel.
    India is so dirty and full of garbage.
    Come to Pakistan, see cities like Lahore, Peshawer, Quetta, Sakaedu, Karachi, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala and many more. All far far better than Dheli or Mumbai.

  3. Elmas Nasıl Bulunur says:


  4. Niefia Zupancic says:

    you say nothing about the horrible air quality, the constant honking of horns, the garbage or the widespread poverty – yes the people are welcoming & food tremendous but these items deserve mention to give a true picture

  5. Jas Singh says:

    Delhi is one of my favourites cities and NCR Delhi covers a huge area. The guide is good but covers only the basics and as usual with travel guides is restricted to only 2 areas of Delhi, old & new Delhi. Many parts of Delhi are loud, crowded and chaotic but not all areas. There are plenty of quiet, green, clean and open areas. Also lots of great restaurants and markets in South Delhi. Modern Malls, markets and hubs in Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida. Khan Market, Greater Kailash 1&2, N&M block markets, Mehrauli, Hauz Khaz, Mehr Chand, Defence Colony, Cyber Hub Gurgaon etc are all markets with great cafes, restaurants, shops and bars that are covered here. For a first time visit l would not stay in old delhi or paharganj as you need an escape from the noise, chaos and touts of those areas. You can stay in quiet locations that are residential but still central in Delhi, Golf Links, Jorbagh, Sunder Nagar, Nizzamuddin West (area near the huyaman tomb), Lodhi Colony, Safdurjung Enclave, Defence Colony etc are all areas still close to the centre and so much better than old delhi/paharganj. You could also stay further afield in Vasant Vihar, Haus Khaz, Greater Kailash etc and these areas are accessible to all sites as all connected to the Metro.

  6. Russ Anthony says:

    I'll never go back to India. I've never been somewhere and felt more alienated. At least when you go to south-east Asia, yes people there are a lot worse off than me, but they have a certain level of charm. In india people are just rude. I felt like a walking dollar sign in the literal sense. Every single person that approached me said the same thing, trying to build rapport with the same compliments and questions and then asking for money. The only holiday I've ever been on and been glad to get home. The Taj Mahal is absolutely magnificent, but it is built on the doorstep of poverty. Where is all that tourism money going? because it's certainly not going into the community around it.

  7. Sandeep Deswal says:

    Excellent video , very different way , I mean charming way to describe touristic places around the world. i despite living in Delhi have not been able to look at the city this way, will make soon and share. Ohh yeah Subscribed

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