DOLCE VITA DIARIES EP5: Best Restaurant in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Welcome back to my series The Dolce Vita Diaries, taking you inside my life in #Positano on the #AmalfiCoast in #Italy This episode, I show you what is perhaps …

26 thoughts on “DOLCE VITA DIARIES EP5: Best Restaurant in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

  1. Yotam Melichar says:

    Ciao Kailie, sono nella stessa barca più o meno,,,,, due anni fa ho comprato un rudere ad Amalfi. I’m an Israeli living in Texas but looking like I’ll make the jump soon to finally move 100% of the time to Amalfi (Tovere) . Anyway, complimenti! What a great video. Nice music/photography and true local interactions! ~ Sicuramente ci vedremo,,,, almeno per strada 😉

  2. Lurganista says:

    I’ve been to Positano in 2018, & 2019 and it’s just so magical! Capri was too crowded (ana Capri was nice)
    You are showing the real Positano, it has taken my heart and I pinch myself every time I’ve visited. Like stepping into a fairy tale!
    Ciao Bella Kylie x

  3. Isa Ma says:

    You are just soooooo Italian!!! No matter what…you belong there.
    I found your YouTube channel not too long ago…..I'm a subscriber already.
    I'm originally from Chile living in California. I moved when I was 45 years old with Visa and all legal ( I lived in New York at 17 because my father was there). I totally understand what you say about moving to a different country…its always a challenge!!
    Italy is my dream…I just love it!!
    I've never been there but I feel the call. And no matter my age I will make it!
    Never give up a dream…keep it alive….dream about love and beauty…..
    Otherwise your soul will die.
    You are a big, great inspiration..and you inspire with your heart.
    Big hug

  4. Alaskan channel says:

    when one's heart is truly converted you begin to see beauty wherever you are, this is romantisized beauty. Growing up in the overwhelming "beauty" of Alaska i am confronted with this attitude. locals taking the beauty for granted and the visitors thinking where they are from isn't beautiful. Value people and place and you can have everything this video shows where you currently live. see some not so well done videos on the Alaskan channel. Thanks

  5. Vincenzo Panuccio says:

    Ciao Kylie, dovresti venire a visitare la bellissima Chianalea di Scilla, in Calabria. Ottimo cibo e grande ospitalità, tutto calato in uno scenario da togliere il fiato. Sono sicuro che ti divertiresti molto da queste parti!!!…..P.S. keep doing what you are doing, as italian i really enjoy your videos!!!!

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