2 thoughts on “Guinness Storehouse Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Jade Landry says:

    Decent video but they forgot to mention a few things. They don't give you a "free pint". They trick you because the cost of the pint and the shot glass taste test you get in the tasting room is included in your roughly $25 entrance fee. The 5th floor, which has a few restaurants that serve food cooked using Guinness (The best beef stew I've ever had and a damn good Bailey's Irish coffee). The "Guinness Academy" where you're brought into a room and taught how to pour the perfect pint. You also get a neat certificate as a souvenir. Right before you enter this room the staff ask you if you want to use your ticket for your so called "free pint" now, or up in the Gravity Bar. If you choose to use it here you can bring the pint upstairs to the Gravity Bar at least. I just came from so there an hour ago so I know.

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