Helsinki 8K

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47 thoughts on “Helsinki 8K

  1. Swt Kartik says:

    Really really love it yur videos …but this one is best of ever…in .youtube. what a talent…..eye catching …cinematogrAphy….embarrassing City Finland…most loveble places……superb…excellent….fantastic….extraordinary talent…
    Greetings from India
    I'm Karthik
    Also am cinematographer.

  2. Ali T says:

    I have only met one Finn and he was one of the really really white ones – like, close-to-being-albino kind of white. He almost never smiled or showed intense emotion. Kind of like those northern Europeans you see in Germany, Scandinavia and Russia who seem to have no muscles in their faces for intense facial expressions. Very dry. But in this video I see that I was mistaken and Finns do smile (among other things). Sure, the live in a very cold and gloomy climate, but they don't let that make zombies out of them!

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