34 thoughts on “Jeju-do Island – City Video Guide

  1. Tattoo King says:

    I think Expedia need to make new video about Jeju island again because this video is too short to introduce this place and don't show lots of beautiful scenery and unique places in Jeju.

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  3. xxx xxx says:

    There was also a rebellion and insurgency there in 1948-9 where between 14,000 and 30,000 were killed, 10% of the islands population, and another 40,000 fled to Japan to escape the fighting.

  4. moyera agarwal says:

    I have been here ( was on a cruise) and trust me, this place is heaven! If you visit South Korea, do go to Jeju Island for 2 days. You have to be damm energetic to climb that big rock to catch the breathtaking view of this island.
    p.s – You guys forgot to mention the 'Beilive it or not' which is just opposite to the doll museum! Visit both! Even the big monastry there is a good place to visit!

  5. westbrook liu says:

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