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Lake Tahoe – the USA’s largest alpine lake, and a winner for nature and adventure lovers. Check out the 39 trillion gallons of snowmelt and the oodles of fun.

40 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Lindalva Cabrol says:

    Merci beaucoup tous c'est une: Merveilleux les documents, par vídeos.!👍❤💙💚De tous ces= Pays .! Très bien expliqué .! J'adoré
    Un grand merci à😃 RXPEDIA.❤🌍🌎🌏Thank you Very Good.!🌴

  2. Cameron Kramer says:

    you don’t have to believe me and i don’t expect you to. but, i was doing a dive over by rubicon point and i was about 180ft below the surface when i saw this shark looking creature. it was ENORMOUS. it was a good 40 ft away from me and appeared to be 12ft+. i’m thinking there could possibly be a fresh water species of shark that has adapted to the cold. but it was not a large trout or bass or whatever. i know what they look like. i can tell you this, something is living in tahoe that we don’t know about.

  3. o d e t t e says:

    Man, i so wish I lived here. It's so beautiful. My uncle lives here(he even built his own house here!) and I wish I lived there aswell. Going this week. Man, I cant even explain in words how excited I am to breathe the air of this fine, fine crisp beautiful air, with its alpine and cedar smell. Damn.

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