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Lima – Welcome to the capital of Peru, where city sights are as diverse as the nation’s landscapes. Follow us through this South American city and take note of …

23 thoughts on “Lima Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Ashley Faminial says:

    Lima, you are so beautiful. I celebrated my 30th bday in 2014 in your beautiful city and it is the best birthday I have ever had. I will never forget you.
    You are full of surprises, I knew nothing about Lima when I visited Peru, travellers only talked about Machu Picchu, Quito, the Andes, the Amazon, or Lake Titicaca – but Lima was so underrated. Yet when I finally arrived I immediately fell in love.
    I love you Lima, love from Canada

  2. HipHipJorge ! says:

    You have to eat the food!!! Limeño cuisine is a mix of many Indigenous cuisines, Spanish, Chinese, and influences from Japan and Italy too. It makes for an awesome food scene that is world-class.

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