18 thoughts on “Melbourne City Guide – Lonely Planet travel video

  1. marunji1 marunji1 says:

    judging by what I have seen on the media – gang wars, policemen tossing passer bys To wit a frail young girl into a wall in the  direction of the situation they were "protecting" her from . Somali gangs with home invasions, car jackings and random violence. Perhaps a travel advisory to tourists should be made to stay away for there own safety

  2. Džeko 11 says:

    When in Melbourne, one should visit Werribee beach, voted one of top 3 beaches in the world. Also worth while the bowling alley in Albion…for fun times and great bowling 😃

  3. Jimmy Jones says:

    Same old stuff. Just the usual corny stuff about a city's art culture buildings etc. similar imagery, you could say similar stuff about any similar city around the world. Yes sure it's a nice city.. but there's nothing that special about Melbourne.

  4. Daniel Huynh says:

    The most stupid thing they built is the Fed Square. Such a failure. So ugly and ill. Looks like a nasty disease or alien creature from hell. They were thinking they're making an equivalent version of Sydney opera house

  5. Dave Sisson says:

    Honestly, how many tacky cliches can you squeeze into one short video? Please fire your scriptwriter and hire someone with flair who can write in a way that makes us want to sit through the video to the end.

  6. savolrat says:

    couldn't help but laugh at the comment how people from melbourne "rather play down their treasures" haha. every australian knows that melbournians are crazy proud of their city and won't stop bragging about it until you agree. It is my favourite city in australia though.

  7. LinguaPhiliax says:

    Just a suggestion to the team who help create the Lonely Planet Phrasebooks. ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN languages! They truly are lonely out there. Okay, this isn't a suggestion, this is kind of an IMPERATIVE. Australia is still overrun by English. It's not that I have anything against the language or its country of origin, but it's still kind of depressing to see Europe have all these languages spoken within a similar area of land. Before the British settlement, Australia was basically its own Aboriginal version of Europe, and could still be if people took the time to learn the languages. It would be AMAZING to have you guys make all sorts of phrasebooks about the Aboriginal languages so that everyone around the world would see them in the stores thinking: "Oh, I've never seen t5hat before", then opening the phrasebook and seeing the true and original Australian cultures for what they are.

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