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New York City needs no introduction. Sitting at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists, NYC is always poised to impress. Check out our footage to see why!

28 thoughts on “New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Samantha Zigova says:

    It’s my dream to go to New York all my friends have been there and told me how magical this place is I just wanna go to time square and dance my heart out I wanna become a dancer in New York. step up showed me how beautiful and amazing this place can be I wish some day I’ll vist New York and make dreams come true

  2. Zachary Barrera says:

    I'm so excited I'm going to New York for my 30th birthday it's been my dream to go there right now I'm saving my money nothing is cheap there I know I'm gonna go shopping time square and queens and Central Park and 9/11 memorial and seeing the Statue of Liberty Bronx New York are my best bets I wanna go see I'll be in New York for a whole week

  3. Anja Jacobsen says:

    I visit New York in 1998 – I love the city, sightseeings, food, Shopping and of course a visit at Broadway to see Phantom of the Opera. My hotel was near Broadway and Empire State Building (So I visit it at night). There us so much to see, I enjoy: 5 Avenue, Times Square, Metropolitan museum, World Trade Center (I was 300 meter up – and got a great view). Pier 17…. and a lot more.

  4. NITYA LOVES says:

    Dream💘City 🗽
    ❇✴✳L💓VE ✳✴❇all around, Seem people☺ don't sleep here 💤and do some activity or other🚲🚅🚌🚕 👫🚶💃🏃👯
    Does Spiritual people also exist there like me👤

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