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Niagara Falls – a symbol of natural power and beauty. This is a sight you’ll have to see to believe and we’ve got the travel inspiration to get you there.

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  1. G Mail says:

    Niagara Falls employee here to give a few tips about Niagara Falls
    1. Downtown Niagara Falls charges an extra tax known as a tourist tax. You can refuse to pay this tax. It’s illegal for them to enforce the tax. So just walk away or call the cops
    2. Tipping valets at hotels like Marriott fallsview and spa do not make it to the valets. They mostly go to paying managers. So when ur there talk to a manager and have them stick it up their a$$
    3. Also Marriott fallsview and spa change their mattresses every 5-10 years. Check under the sheets. I’ve seen lots of blood and fecal matter while working there. Would never sleep there. Gross

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