Osaka Travel Guide

Thanks to our friends at ANA for flying us to Japan! Book your flight today Our Osaka travel guide! What a hidden treasure this place is, …

48 thoughts on “Osaka Travel Guide

  1. 51TGM71 says:

    It is beyond my understanding how this not have over a million views, amazing video. How can anyone not want to travel to Osaka, or at least in general to anywhere.

    I love this video and your channel so much! Thank you 🙂

  2. dedsert says:

    shit intro. faux fashion over information. like I can't get a helicopter or see a bunch of happy businessman in an izakaya in tokyo. trash report and glad I only wasted 40 seconds on it.

  3. Bambycakes says:

    Oh my! i absolutely loved this video! The information you provided, the flow and editing, the music and you! Love your humor! 😊🤙🏻 I'm traveling there soon so thank you so much for all the heads up!
    Wondering if you have a Bangkok, Thailand guide 😆 wana see your insights as I am the local 😌

  4. JG Fletcher says:

    So I ended up coming to Osaka and I loved it. I wasn't there long enough it feels though. I listened to Sweet William when I was here and it was a whole vibe. I'm currently at the airport about to departure from Kansai International Airport. Best believe I will come back in 2020.

  5. David Hunter says:

    Great video. Fantastic in every way. Nice work! Booked 10 days there next May and cannot wait! Tokyo was fantastic when I visited last year but I'm looking forward to the different vibe Osaka is reputed for. AHHH

  6. LordArioh says:

    Osaka is my first city in Japan, and at the top favorite. Tho this was more of how to get from the airport, which is not a big deal, and food, which is literally everywhere. There's so much to see and experience in Osaka other than that. I can walk at Dotongory and hang out at Namba station neighborhood all day long. Or just have endless walks around and through Osaka/Shin-Osaka stations.

  7. Lauren Shannon says:

    Hey, THE VIDEO IS Awesome! And BTW for anyone on here that would like a great Food Tour in Osaka, The lovely Japanese lady Chie is one of our guides at Arigato Japan! we do food tourism in some amazing places! All kinds of tours! And Chie is one of our wonderful Osaka and Kyoto Guides! Our Osaka tours are listed here- and easter egg discount bonus… use the code AttacheAJ10 and save 10% if you book our tour in Osaka

  8. Vins and Yosh says:

    Great video! Very informative and insightful. We've been to Osaka numerous times and we still can't get enough of it. Also, every time we go back, we still get confuse of it's railway system. The ICOCA is very handy to our Japan travels!

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