Paris Travel Guide

If you want to arrive in Paris ready to chat then check out our friends over at italki, an online language learning service that connects you with the best language …

36 thoughts on “Paris Travel Guide

  1. Attaché says:

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  2. corisco tupi says:

    11:37 – As for shopping, do NOT get your hopes too high of ever benefiting from the "détaxe" (tax refund) supposedly available for tourists. The system is grossly bureaucratic, you have to collect paperwork and information that must necessarily be passed to a clerk at the airport moments before you board your flight back home, and you will only be refunded in cash if you purchases were made in cash. If you bought anything with your credit card, yo'll supposedly be refunded to your credit card account with de amount due. So far, after a few trips to France, I had NEVER had this actually happen. It seems to be a system designed to have an PR impact with tourists, no to actually work. This has been my experience, YMMV.

  3. Ellena Hoffman says:

    I love your channel, most especially the little injections of wit, humor and sarcasm found in every episode! Discussing tipping and exchange rates is so helpful, too. Keep the videos coming and don't hesitate to do more than one per city.

  4. Bev Carr says:

    Beautiful city!!! Definitely adding it to my travel list!!🙌🏽🙌🏽

    I’m from NY,& it’s true what u said…sorta. We ARE rude!! It’s so dense & tourists are annoying..

    Busy” is a better way to put it tho lmao

    Those croissants made me hungry 🤤🤤🤤

  5. andrewnduati says:

    2019/2020 update: Do not tip, if you do, you are a clown. i repeat if you tip you will be permanently rendered as a clown.I've now had 2 friends since March 2019 study aboud for about 5/6 months and when they tried to tip an excellent server they were clowned lol.

  6. S Anderson says:

    The people who say the French are unfriendly and rude are their neighbours: the English, the Germans plus ALL Asians! The Japanese and Koreans suffer from "Paris syndrome" which is the shock of discovering Paris is expensive, dirty and full of pavements with dog piles, cigarette butts and spit. I lived there for 10 years and I can attest it's all of those things but it also different from all other European cities.

  7. Jerry Burns says:

    Listen to this wonderful man. He is spot on in everything he says.

    Just came back from Paris and, I found the people very nice and friendly. If you greet them with a “bonjour”, thank them with, “merci”, and say goodby with “au revoir”, you will find Parisians appreciate that your respecting their language. I encountered only one Parisian who didn’t speak English and, he made sure I got to someone who could.

  8. sjdfngnw ergterwt says:

    Hotel Westminster Paris engages in an online fraud. You will not receive a room that you saw online you will be told they are fully booked and they will show you to the room the size of 12 sq meters (see picture) with a dirty, tiny bathroom (see picture). Rotten carpet (see picture), moldy tiles (see picture). You will be charged premium price for this old tiny room. Be prepared to be defrauded as the management will tell you that you book that exact room. If you protest the obsurdity of theri statements they will insist that old, dirty room half the size of advertised on their website is exactly the same room and exactly the same price. Their answer to you will be this room is also Deluxe. 12 square meter room is what you get for 350Eur per night at Hotel Westminster. No apologies, no price adjustment, just deception and lies from the management.

  9. rci30 says:

    I was married to a lady from Montpellier, South of France region. Her brother moved to and lived in the 10th AR., in Paris during our marriage. I can Most certainly attest that on my numerous trips around/across France, after even picking up the language and both southern French and Parisian customs, that Parisians were JERKS. This is after hanging out for weekends, and weeks at a time, chilling with some cool neighbors of her brothers that even admitted that they, Parisians, have a Superiority complex because they "Know" that Paris is the "best city in the world". You can take my 14, or so, trips to Paris as a confident, solid perspective, or don't; but I CAN tell you that Parisians are for the most part, Rude, Obnoxious, Elitists that really do believe they are better than you. Just, my opinion.

  10. Sammy C. says:

    Compared to London Paris people are rude, in London you don't have to say hello or morning…. as a tourist before you ask a question, you just ask and Londoners are happy to help. in Paris they ignore you coz you don't say hello, bullshit, tourists are  spending money, what more do they want. Look each to their own. Parisians need to chill out and stop being snobby. If a Parisian asked me directions in London I would go the extra mile to help and I don't care how they asked me, rude or not, coz im a Londoner!

  11. Beeba says:

    I have tried the ten tickets twice and unfortunately they give u crappy tickets some of them dont work so i have to go to the assistant every time and they open the door for me , so just take day by day tickets and save urself some headache and embarrassment

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