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Portland – Welcome to the city where you can experience the laid-back atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest amid beautiful natural surroundings. Check out the …

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  1. lewisburg wa says:

    Portland and Seattle are two beautiful cities of north west and I can not say one is more beautiful than the other. They are like heaven on earth. All we got to do then is soak up the beauty, enjoy life and be happy.

  2. D Rod says:

    So, for the record, the correct pronunciation of Willamette as it relates to the Oregon wine region is “Will-AM-it” as in “It's Will-AM-it, damit!”

  3. Emily Davis says:

    Nobody mention that we love biking so much that we have bike police and they even go to schools to teach kids about proper locking. We also have lots of peaceful bike trails. I think one of the best parts is that even though theres a lot of construction going on right now, you dont really have to worry about traffic if you just use your phone for maps and take the max or bus, it is so easy, so inexpensive and it goes all over Portland! Even though there are a lot of homeless people, I've never had an incident that's been disruptive, I once talked to a homeless guy and he thanked us for just finding a coin on the ground!😊 If you want to ask me anything about Portland I'd be happy to answer.

  4. NatureShy says:

    Live in Portland; would never consider living anywhere else!

    We've got coastline, deserts, rainforest, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, arctic tundra, canyons, lava flows, waterfalls, rivers, glaciers, caves, sub-alpine meadows, wetlands, and pine forests, just to name a few. And most of all that is located on public land! We are lucky to have so much public land and wilderness available for us to enjoy.

    And since we are located right at the Washington border, we also have access to some of Washington's best natural scenery, including places like Mt. St. Helens, Mt Rainier, the Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Gifford Pinchot, North Cascades, and the Olympic coast.

    And our city is incredibly green and environmentally conscious, too, with some of the best public transport systems in the whole U.S.

  5. JD. Frazier says:

    This is all well and good. But quit lying by leaving out the tent cities and crazy homeless people that are everywhere in Portland. If you visit you have been warned ahead of time.

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