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Prague – a city fit for a storybook. Let us show you the best and most beautiful places in the city – adventure is waiting for you here! When ready, browse …

47 thoughts on “Prague Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. KingNarco1888 says:

    I just came back from a week in prague and i cannot stop talking about it. i highly recommend it 100%. The city is absolutely stunning and its like im in a fairytale. Europes most gorgeous city

  2. Akatasz says:

    Came back from Prague just few days ago. Beautiful city, very clean, well connected, there are only 3 lines of metro which makes it easy to travel around. Delicious food and very good light beer, prices are quite cheap for a capital actually ❤ amazing gothic cathedrals, so many old places to see. From Prague castle and Vysehrad amazing panorama of city. The only upsetting thing was that you can come across quite a few racists people as I've traveled with my partner who is black.

  3. Peace Dweller says:

    ..Prague I believe is genionely the greatest city in Europe. I used to think it was Stockholm, Sweden but Prague has taken over. Prague has the majesty of History, Art, Culture, Food and beautiful streets and people. The meeting place of Western and Eastern Europe…The marriage of Germanic and Slavic. The real heart of Europe. Prague is the greatest.

  4. Discovering Destinations says:

    Prague is a special place for sure! Art, history and our local friends helped us to visit this amazing city! We loved the Golden lane and to visit Vysehrad fort and village. Great video ! Brought us back to our visit to the city !

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