39 thoughts on “QUICK Camera Setup For EPIC Travel Videos (3 Easy 'Hacks')

  1. Greg Snell says:

    Let the regular updates return!! Good to see these weeklies are back dude. Nice tips. the 50 & 60 FPS is a good one. 180 degree rule is something we should always remember to mention too. Hold that frame!! Word.

  2. Whoa Chris says:

    Welcome back to regular posting, sir. I though you had moved to some tropical destination and left us all behind. Glad to see the only thing you've done is grow your hair out.

  3. Giovanni Fiorentini says:

    Thanks for posting. For tip number one if you’re going to edit in a 24 fps timeline it is going to cause the video to skip frames. Many don’t think about this but if your goal is to edit in a 24fps timeline and you want to add some slowmo by recording some clips at a higher frame rate make sure that that higher frame rate is perfectly divisible by 24. In this case 50/24=2.08. What this means is that for every 2 frames your editing software is going to cut out .08 of a frame therefore causing it to skip. In my case I live in the USA so we have the option for 60 fps here. 60/24=2.5. So when I take this into the editing software for every two frames FCPX is going to cut out that .5 frame to make it even which in turn will cause ur video to skip. Smoothing wont fix it in many cases. The same goes for any frame rate that you choose to edit in. For example if you choose to edit in a 30fps timeline make sure you clips with higher frame rates are perfectly divisible by 30. In the case of a 24 fps timeline you can choose 72, 96, 120 etc in order for it to render perfectly into a 24 fps timeline without skipping and if you choose to slow it down more you can do so perfectly. I do mostly photography but I also do some video. Whenever I shoot video I shoot with a purpose. On video clips that I know I want to edit at normal speed I set the frame rate to whatever frame rate I am going to edit in which is usually in 24fps. On clips where I know I want to be in slomo I set the frame rate to a number that is perfectly divisible by 24 so I wont have any skipping problems when I edit. Just food for thought.

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