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Rio de Janeiro – one of South America’s most famous hubs of energy. Join the sixteen million people that live here with a trip to this top vacation destination.

41 thoughts on “Rio de Janeiro Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. 최유로 says:

    Seeing the statue through this video, I wanted to go to Brazil because it was much bigger and grander than I thought. If I have a chance later, I would like to go to Brazil during the Samba Festival and experience their Samba culture and street soccer culture.

  2. Money Psycho says:

    I will tell you what were my expenses for a full day in Rio two weeks ago:

    Hostel in Gloria: 55 reais

    -3 metro tickets: 10 reais

    Corcovado ticket including transportation: 50 reais

    Taxi to Urca (split with a friend): around 20 reais round trip

    Expenses in Bar Urca: around 50 reais

    Expenses at Lunch in Ipanema: around 40 reais

    Expenses at night: around 60 reais

    I see around 300 reais as a possible budget without saving. 150 reais will be only possible if you eat only fast food, stay at a very cheap hostel.

    If you are staying at a hotel, even a not expensive one, I see 400 reais per day as a more realistic budget.

  3. VN CL says:

    Rio have all that a tourist want, Rio have beaches, culture, modernity, elegance, good food, good shopping offert, night life and warm people is one of the best cities I visited

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