San Francisco city guide – Lonely Planet travel video

With 43 hills, one of the world’s great bridges and a population of more than 800000 freethinkers, inventors and oddballs, San Francisco is one of the USA’s most …

30 thoughts on “San Francisco city guide – Lonely Planet travel video

  1. e081194eng says:

    San Francisco is the biggest shithole in California with homeless tent cities, drug hypodermic needles everywhere and sidewalks filled with garbage, defecation (shit), and urine at every corner and sidewalk. And since this is Nancy Pelosi's district, she is nowhere to be found…lol…If you want to move here you better enjoy the smell of SHIT…Don't waste your money here and this place is NOT for kids…

  2. Mel says:

    NEVER again will we set foot in that place. Once it was a great place to visit but I'd as soon go to Mexico as San Francisco now and no way in Hell will I go to Mexico. Seriously, if you're considering visiting San Francisco, think again and then go some place else. The city government there along with the State of California are destroying it. You can't fix stupid and that's what those city and state officials are.

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