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Seattle – an evergreen city no stranger to fun and flair! Follow our trip through Seattle and get some tips and inspiration to plan your own! When ready, browse …

48 thoughts on “Seattle Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. MrArjay123 says:

    People think u gotta travel out of the states to see exoctic stuff. Not true. America has so beautiful scenery as well. I will travel the states first before traveling the world.

  2. rocknroller1986 says:

    I very much enjoyed visiting Seattle, a few things that I recommend that were not mentioned are: Fremont, The troll (under the bridge), Olympic Sculpture park, Asian Art Museum and the gum wall located near Pikes Place.

  3. Ulvaeus says:

    Seattle is an interesting city, but I would not call it beautiful, at least, not the downtown core area. The surrounding areas and neighbourhoods are much nicer. Go to Vancouver BC if you want to see a spectacular beautiful city. The setting is second to none.

  4. Thomas Bioren says:

    Suggestion from a native: visit Discovery Park. It's a massive park in Seattle proper. Just to the south of the park, you can walk along the Magnolia boulevard at sunset and see the Puget Sound and the Olympics (Olympic Mountains) far off in the distance in all of their glory.

    (Edit) One more thing: Take the Victoria Clipper–you won't regret it.

  5. Kyle Hill says:

    This is no longer 2013. Mom and I watched it when it first came out and it was really bad video with obnoxious rapish beat. They showed mostly the nightlife and the naughty kind at that. The girls with the guitar were not in it. They now show additional scenes like the P Science Center which I went to and they gave us a discount since we showed up at 3pm in the early 00s. There was NO homeless people if there were they were more hidden as we walked all over.

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