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Seoul – a city that harmonises its ancient palaces with soaring modern structures and stands proudly as South Korea’s capital. Explore the city sights, here.

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  1. 아롱범 says:

    As a Korean, I had traveled to many cities around the world. But I've never seen such a big city surrounded by big rivers and super beautiful mountains as Seoul !…If you like trekking, hiking, Make sure to go to Mt.Bukhansan, Mt. Inwangsan  or so many many easy trails in other mountains near Seoul (suprisingly you can approach it only in a 30 min~1 hour by public transportation). Korea has very distinctive four seasons..In each season  you meet different colors and shapes ^^

  2. Dan-It says:

    Home of the K-Pop and BTS, K-Drama, Korean BBQ, Hyundai, Kia and last for not least Samsung and LG! Miracle of the Han River. Going strong! 🙂 Such a Great and Fun City!

  3. Daniel Ha says:

    I am Korean. Yes! Korea is a good country. BUT, I seriously warn to every traveler who are going to Seoul… DON'T go to MYEONG DONG. Those who sell street food there take too expensive money without that level of the food. So unless you want to experience bad memories in Seoul, do not visit there.

  4. Amandi Tharuprabha says:

    Korean people can do many things for their country. I think their qualities and feelings made that development. Really I want to inform you our people also talking about your talents. They eat very fresh foods every day. And specially after that development many countries forget their traditions but they are not. That thing is highlight their persons want to be develop with their traditions. I like Korea more than other countries. Wish you to improve your talents and qualities. From Sri Lanka…..

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