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St. Lucia – Find this island nation floating between the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Explore this beautiful destination now to make the …

30 thoughts on “St. Lucia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Expedia says:

    A correction and an apology. Our editing crew were obviously so mesmerised by St. Lucia’s beauty, they let a rare production boo-boo slip through. The notorious buccaneer, Peg Leg Le Clerc, actually settled on Pigeon Island around 1550, not 1950 as stated in the voice over! We’ll let the offenders off this time, but if it happens again they’ll be walking the plank! ; )

  2. LA says:

    It’s crazy how big the states are, because when I read people in the comments saying “I’m from St. Lucia” my first thought was, “oh that’s too bad.” Even though we all vacay there, and it’s some of the most beautiful earth we have. Love my country ❤️

  3. Geoff Massingham says:

    We've visited St Lucia many times . . . In fact 12 yrs running stayed at the Rex St Lucian Rodney Bay made many friends there . . Very friendly and lovely people. We liked nothing better than taking a local bus to Castries visiting local shops/restaurants and bars. Surprisingly I never heard any mention of the Pitons a pair of twin mountains that dominate the skyline even have a local beer named after them. A truly wonderful destination we always went in January temperature was spot on for the Brits but there will always be a shower every day!! Hence it's a green and pleasant land.

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