The Local's Guide to Austin

Austin, Texas is fast becoming one of the hottest cities for travellers to the USA. With a unique blend of southern hospitality and cosmopolitan energy, it’s a …

40 thoughts on “The Local's Guide to Austin

  1. poopstain says:

    Most incompetent and overrated city in the country. Want BBQ? Go to Memphis. Want music? Go to LA or Nashville. Austin is such a joke it’s embarrassing. The majority of residents are rude and lazy.. everyone is from everywhere and there is no infrastructure. No pro sports, no planetarium, no real zoo or preserve, limited food options.. if you only like Mexican food and subpar bbq you’ll be fine. Live music capital? HA! There is not one major label here.. if you like amateur indie music and overplayed blues you’ll be fine. The only time major artists come through is for ACL. The rent is way too high for what the environment is, you could live in Los Angeles or Miami at the prices we’re paying now and get world famous beaches, food options, professional and collegiate sports.. and most importantly a sense of culture… or live here with minimum accommodations and traffic that is just as bad. The place is a skidmark on the state of Texas and an overblown small town trying to build its own “culture” but can’t due to its painful unoriginality.

  2. quixotic sonnet says:

    Austin isn't really Austin anymore. Transplants are the only ones that believe that Austin is livable and there are loads of transplants everywhere crowding out the local population. Almost everyone I knew growing up has been forced to relocate. In a few years, I'll probably be forced to say goodbye to my home too.

  3. Hector Five says:

    5 yo are talking about jerk off, and nuts. How do they know that stuff? The police should speak to them. There is an ambulance at a gift store in the middle of no where. They are trying to force religious values on people. A man who is hanging out is afraid they will use psychiatric torture and lightly poison him. Crazy.

  4. Tony Gareth says:

    I’m going to be there next Wed night and a few hours Thursday morning so what should I do? I plan on coming back and spending 3-4 days when an event is going on, but what about next week on a wed/Thur?

  5. Jeremy Fisher says:

    A local's guide to Austin from a person who lives in Austin is to not fucking come here for more than just the music festival or the food. The teenagers and young adults are very toxic and rude. Whenever I go somewhere by myself I always get fucked with or made fun of over something like a haircut or maybe I have a stain after eating somewhere. The places here are very expensive and the traffic is horrible, and the more people come here and chose to live here the worse it gets. The temperature hits triple digits every fucking year so you can expect up to 110f or about 43c on the worst days of the year, if you have bad allergies then you are going to die here and I'm not even joking, and every now and then it gets incredibly humid to the point where you can't go outside for more than half an hour without getting heat stroke or some sort of heat related illness. Life here sucks, please don't move here, you are only making it worse for yourself and everybody else by helping to clog up traffic getting to that one good bbq place across the city.

  6. Hector Esemismo says:

    Been in 12 states, USA, alemania Russia, Germany, us army retired, Austin tx, and the all Texas …complicated, WEIRDEST, NON SENCE state ever, …no everyone but the most ppl in the all texas……what the heck wrong with that kind of ppl…SMH

  7. IndieMusic says:

    A reoccurring theme I keep hearing over and over is don't move here and Californians are coming in and driving up the cost of living. Heres a reality check for you. Alot of the real estate in Austin was bought up by celebrities and developers over 10 years ago. They made an investment and their seeing a return on that investment. Every major city and state has an expanding population over all. And alot of the transplants are middle class mid westerners, not from NYC or California. But I tell you what. Austin needs more diversity because the local variety of women are very plain. You don't get beautiful women like in other states. 6th street is literally crawling with ugly average looking people.

  8. Sergio Arizpe says:

    Shit I live here but havent gone to any of the highlighted things to do. I prefer to not wait in lines for BBQ, I never get free tickets to ACL live showing, I dont go to rainy st. ps Please dont move here

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