The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Honolulu || Gatekeepers

Get your sea legs ready because we’re headed to Honolulu with surf photographer Zak Noyle, who has one very important rule — “get in the water every single …

34 thoughts on “The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Honolulu || Gatekeepers

  1. 527 N.Y.C. says:

    I was hoping that a shark bit that douchey mustache off your face! You look ridiculous with that thing!🤣😂 plus you know what they say about guys with mustaches🍆😲

  2. trina love says:

    Ummm hello real local means liliha bakery, chun wah, foodland poke, the manapua truck, zippys, shiros saimin, etc… that’s what this local girl was looking for in this vid 🙄

  3. Daysen Bendy says:

    Lol he showed you nothing about Hawai’i you basically did tourist things nothing about this video is real Hawai’i you could of atleast took him to leanords bakery lol such a fake experience 🤙🏽💩💩💩💩

  4. BrittneyChristina says:

    Man..I wanted to see some places that won't instantly show up on a Google search…Heeeelp 😩 I need places to go that's far away from the tourists (I.e. Waikiki) lol.. I'm getting island fever 😭

  5. HawaiianJou says:

    Canʻt believe the guide is from Hawaii. Why not take the host to the legendary places on O`ahu rather than these newer places that local people havenʻt really had time to become familiar with. Liliha Bakery for cocpuffs, Foodland for poke, Rainbow Drive In for a plate lunch, Matsumoto Shave Ice for shave ice and so many other places that provide a true "local" perspective of our food. Swimming with sharks is probably not a good idea, especially in murky water, and is not a traditional recreation like canoe paddling and surfing. Not a very good thing to promote.

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