9 thoughts on “Things to Do in Barcelona | Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog

  1. Tania M says:

    Wow gourmet tapas tour! I have a tip that may help tourists that want to go to Barcelona 🙂 Last time i went to Barcelona i used an app called Yumm! and it was really useful to find restaurants. Also when communicating at the restaurants, because I found all the allergens and ingredients information translated in my own language 😊 Great video!

  2. ymulet says:

    Sorry but you haven't get the atmosphere and essence of Barcelona. It's a collection of cliches that doesn't correspond to our culture. Flamenco is not originative from Catalonia, but from the South of Spain, and it is not our "soundtrack" at all.

    Besides, you have forgotten our cosmopolitan ambience and modernist architecture (Gaudí and so many other famous architects). The only thing you have shown that is trully catalan are Els castellers.

    So, please, don't be so typical and try to immers in the real culture of a city next time… Thank you!

  3. ABlazeWM says:

    You missed out Park Guell, Zoo de Barcelona, Las Ramblas, La Sagradia Familia, The Picasso Museum, L'Aquarium Barcelona, Castell de Monjuic, Camp Nou, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, basically all the best sites in Barcelona :/

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