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Toulouse – a place of historic and architectural significance. Journey with us to discover the best places to visit and find yourself utterly charmed by one of …

28 thoughts on “Toulouse Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Yok ZHU says:

    As a foreign student who lived ever in both Toulouse and Paris, I have to say Toulouse is absolutely the Best city to live in. Frankly, the toulousains are really warm-hearted and enthusiastic. You feel so closed to them when living in Toulouse.
    Paris, as the capital of France is definitely a good place. Paris, is so rich of culture and fully fascinating by enjoying the good reputation of the international European city. Nevertheless, when nowadays there are strikes everyday and when common transport gets totally into shit in Paris, when parisians call chocolatine pain au chocolat, when people neglect you when asked directions, when it costs so expensive everything, I always miss Toulouse❤️. However, life is sometimes like a piece of exam paper that the examiner distributes to you and you can never choose. How I wish a good financial school could be in Toulouse and I did never move to Paris!😭

  2. Jack Daniels-Son says:

    Every time you hear any mention of France, the city of Paris or Nice or Cannes come to mind but the city of Toulouse is a virtual oasis in the south of France and I would love to visit there one day when my finances allow me to do so. It would be a great adventure.

  3. blackngold cuttlefish says:

    This guy's accent is like how people imitate French accents. A part of me almost wonders if it's an actor pretending to be French, haha. If not, no shade/offense, I live in France currently and I'm sure I sound like a fool on a daily basis when I try to speak French (with my English/American accent). But this guy, the way he says "-o-vaaerre" etc for "over" or "ze ri-VARE" for river.. "trez-ZaRE" for treasure….so French-y

  4. Fouinosophe says:

    Je veux pas faire le relou mais frère l'accent ça va pas. Genre tu le force c'est pas possible autrement. Cousin tu sais que tu vas être écouté par une armée d'étranger, nous fait pas passer pour des vieux gars incapable d’aligner 3 mots d'anglais. Concentre toi!
    I don't want to be rude or anything but that accent !! it kills me!! Damn' ! to all who wants to came visit France don't think that we are that bad in english. I can assure you that all of the french don't have that reeeeeeeeeeeeally heavy accent.

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