Travel Amsterdam in a Minute – Aerial Drone Video | Expedia This video shows some of the highlights of Amsterdam and its canals. See the …

29 thoughts on “Travel Amsterdam in a Minute – Aerial Drone Video | Expedia

  1. Aloïs says:

    Hi there, how can I contact you? I would love to use some footage from your video for a school project if I may.
    Please let me know how you feel about that. Love Ella

  2. Joshua Balata says:

    Dear Expedia, Can I use your drone footage for an experiment on Instagram?
    It will blend in perfectly with the story I'm telling. It'll be awesome if I can. Please say yes! (If you don't respond, I'll take that as a no)
    Thanks either way!

  3. CORBETT says:

    Great video! Can I submit music to be featured in one of your future drone videos? I have a song that I think would be a good fit. (It's the last upload on my page.) Thanks for considering!

  4. EenDaan says:

    My country really is beautiful. I didn't even know. Dutch people aren't fast proud of what they made or did. but this surely is something we should be more aware of. Thanks

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