Unbelievable Street Art of MEXICO CITY | CDMX Travel Vlog

Mexico City is one of the world’s most creative cities – from Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, up to the Street Art Chilango movement. Produced with the support of …

36 thoughts on “Unbelievable Street Art of MEXICO CITY | CDMX Travel Vlog

  1. Brayan Espinoza says:

    I always lose it when someone says I don’t like tequila. When I ask why they mention something that happened in their early 20’s or on a trip to Mexico. There is many variety of high end tequilas that are more for sipping.

  2. A20Stewart says:

    It's really crazy Frida Kahlo is still referred to first as "Diego Rivera's wife" instead of the impressive artist she was. Like I hadn't heard of Rivera until AFTER I heard of Kahlo

  3. Caroline says:

    This is an amazing video travel production for the Visual Arts in Mexico city, you guys are creative, funny,informative and technically brilliant, great videography and editing!Your relaxed personalities made me see the city in a different light. I am definitely going to Mexico City now! Thank you and I hope you make money from this talent!

  4. sergeigen1 says:

    when one of the brothers says "im not a big tequila guy because i had a bad experience when i was younger, but mezcal is totally different" what probably happened was that when he was a teenager, he got drunk of some cheap tequila for gringos like jose cuervo for example, and he (no surprise) had a bad experience, but dont think that tequila is harsh and burns and mezcal does not, its not as simplistic as that. theres lots of good brand of either, you just gotta do your homework.

  5. Edith Veerhoek a.k.a. #NotYourOrdinaryLatina says:

    Man! You both made me cry today. So… I'm a Mexican chick living in The Netherlands since I was 6 years old. I haven't visited Mexico in 12 years and this summer of 2019 I'll go again. The reason why I didn't go to Mexico anymore is that in 2003 my mother and I got kidnapped there while on a holiday. I'll spare you the details but it both traumatized us. In 2005 I went alone to a sort of a self heeling kind of therapy and to show myself that Mexico wasn't THAT dangerous. And guess what? I got arrested by the police and acused falsly of trying to kidnap children. Ofcourse the police just wanted money. That traumatized me even worse. Than in 2007 I went again. Because I'm stubborn and on that trip not only did my family and I got caught in a storm while sailing on a catamaran on the open sea, but I tore my meniscus in my knee on that same day as well which eventually lead to a surgery back in The Netherlands. Needless to say I had, had it with Mexico. I decided then and there I was never going back.
    Now, I'm in a relationship with this amazing Dutch guy and as an engineer of ships he travelled all over the world except for Mexico. When he suggested we could go there next summer with his children of 12 and 14 I might add, I was like: "No effin way!". I don't want to expose his kids to the things that traumatized me in Mexico. But he insisted and we bought the tickets. In preparation and just to see how the situation might be there now I started looking up video's and stumbled upon yours. Like I said… it made me cry. The reason for it? It made me open my eyes for the situation NOW. It made me see I should let go of this anxiety I have for my roots. So I truly truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you're ever in Rotterdam or Amsterdam again…. let me know. I'll show you around to the places you missed the first time. A hug from Rotterdam. #NotYourOrdinaryLatina

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