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Vanuatu – just a short flight from Australia and New Zealand lie these paradise islands. Check out the top places to relax and explore here! When ready, browse …

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  1. Kiam Oey says:

    MELANESIANS = AFRICANS. A long time ago the whole world was all African blacks and about 75 thousands years ago Mount Toba in North Sumatra, Indonesia exploded and killed everyone except Africa and Australia. The Aborigines from Australia migrated back and eventually reach Central Asia where the west bound tribe eventually became Caucasoids and east bound became Mongoloids. Filipinos, Malays and Polynesians are mix of Melanesians and Mongoloids. Indonesia is a good example of this mix; as you travel from west to east , you'll see the people becoming more and more black. Flores, Ambon and Papua are Melanesians. I hope this explains why you see African like people in this video. 1/4 of the kids have blonde hair not because of white sailors but because of mutations, eventually they will grow out of it. Ever wonder why all women have a monthly menstruation cycle ?. hint: moon tidal cycle.

  2. Ferdinand Wang says:

    I learned about Vanuatu from an article I read in Reader's Digest back in the early 1980s about two castaways adrift on a small boat; they were lost at sea for a few weeks and vowed that if they survived, one would dedicate his life to serving G-d, and the other would dedicate his life to serving his country. Both were rescued and kept their word. Glory to G-d and power to them. I remember the name of one of them: Meli Whitecross.

  3. Eufemia Buono says:

    Simply breathtaking peaceful and relaxing. I love the idea of everything being organic and the scenery is absolutely stunning the crystal clear water what else do you want from life?

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