Visit Belize – 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Belize

Whether visiting Caye Cauler, San Ignacio, Belize City or Cave Tubing and Seeing Mayan sights there are a lot of great culture shocks for travelers when they …

27 thoughts on “Visit Belize – 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Belize

  1. dan gillispie says:

    I love Belize. It’s easy to drive there. There is so much to see. If you go out the west side of Belize where the mennonites are. It looks like Pennsylvania. It’s beautiful there.


    It's a shock to the uneducated, if you go to any country do some research, just don't go because you and your buds were wasted when you decided to come visit. Brah jus soh u kno belize wikd like that!

  3. Byron Eckhardt says:

    When I was there in the mid nineties the locals on key caulker lost it and were attacking white people all because of a white guy who was running circle around the locals on the basketball court.the local police disappeared.

  4. Grahame Starkie says:

    I left England on a British Army posting exactly 40 years ago and flew to Belize on a RAF VC10 (via Newfoundland, the US (Washington Dulles) and Bermuda). There was snow on the ground in the Uk on 15th Jan 1980, and when we finally landed in the mid evening at Belize International Airport it was absolutely roasting hot when we stepped off the plane. I spent 6 months there and absolutely loved it. Spent most of my time at Airport Camp (now Price Barracks I believe) Toured around the country and loved it. Especially the Cayes. Managed to get up to mexico too. Several of my pals took part in an international Forces football tournament in Florida which they won. I would love to go back again and hopefully when I am properly retired in just a few years time that will be possible and I will be able to take my family over with me. These videos make me want to go there now, but I need to get the finances in order. Belize is an amazing place. 🙂

  5. edpzz says:

    Spent two years in the early 1980s posted there with the British Army , sad to see caye caulkers looking a lot more civilised , still never mind happy days

  6. Mike says:

    The tour guide for the ATM CAVE is not telling you the truth about this cave. He tells you the bowls you see here on the floor are "Sacred bowls", they are "NOT". "Sacred bowls have animals or carvings on them to say i'm sacred- dead people part's", the bowls you see in the ATM Cave are "Utilitarian-(food) and have nothing carved on them". The Mayans had these two types only. When in this cave he shows you the bowls and says his lies about this, do your home-work like me and stop him in mid-sentence and tell him BS…that's " Utilitarian for food". Been there twice and told him to stop with the "Sacred crap", it's a "Cenote river underground for thousands of years and a dumping ground and garbage pit cesspool for everything". The Mayans would kill you and throw the body in to see all the blood flow down stream to another location to claim as there territorial control. Bring in a "Very Big Flash Light to take pictures, your camera flash will be too dark to see around, I know been twice.

  7. Mike says:

    My Aunt has a home in Consejo. I have for years now gone down and sit in her yard next to the bay. I have been to every temple site more than twice so far. Things to remember when touring around- have a plan in advance before you arrive.
    Flight into Belize city from the U.S.A. Could take you up to 36 hours of being awake in total if booked cheap. It did me once. I got a Direct flight into Cancun and took the bus into Chetumal, then hit the bus system in Belize.
    1- book a 2 night room to get comfortable to travel.
    2- Do your own tours and save on costs. Find a place to go.
    3- Do not rent a car, costs $100.00 us dollars per day.
    4- Ride the bus system, cost $1.00- $2.00 us dollars. When the bus pulls into the yard, run to the back of the bus open the rear door, drop your what-ever's down and take a seat near to your what-ever's. You DON'T BUY A TICKET, THE DOOR MAN WILL FIND YOU, pay cash to him. All the other people are boarding through the front door, when full the bus leaves. Tell him where your going to. He will call out the stop for you.
    5- Finding a room in your city is very easy, do not book one. You will not like your room, or will get ripped off in price's. After you exit the bus, walk down the street and you will see a LOT OF PRIVATE HOMES SET UP. They all watch you walking on the street with your bags. They call you over to see the rooms, go in and look first. Then barter your stay, very common to do.
    6- Go to your tour by walking or bus. Pay when you arrive, it's way cheaper. Some places like Jaguar Paw- (Santa Ignacio is were all the good places are to see) it's where the Zip lines and Cave water tubing is. About 10 miles from town. It's down a dirt road about a few miles. No Big Deal, someone is in a car and will take you there for a small fee. We did this and payed him extra to buy tickets and go on both Zip lines and Cave touring. BOTH ARE SUPPER GREAT, DON'T LEAVE BELIZE UNTIL YOU DO BOTH. He takes you back to the bus stop. Some bus's are free to ride on, just be watching and wave them down.
    7- Temples are super cheap to visit. The one that costs the most is Lamanai Reserve. This goes down the New river in Orange Walk. Take a rain coat if need be, it's over an hour to get down. It's the best site to see by far.
    8- Best time of year to arrive. April -May. Why, because it rains very little and the mosquitoes are a lot better to deal with. Later on when nice out you will be hamburger meat in one day. They also have Doctor Flies that draw blood and you will take days to recover. Always bring long sleeve shirts and full length pants and shoes and socks. Mosquitoes are waiting for you everywhere in places. The closer you are to water is best to be, across the street you are hamburger meat.
    9- Belican beer is nasty. They only have Heineken for other. If say you like Corona beer ask the bar tender if he has what you like, he does in the back. If you smoke, same thing ask him for your smokes. Belize cigs are nasty.
    10- You can stay longer than 30 days if you leave and return to Belize, so go to Tikal or Mexico to see sites. I saw 4 countries, 20 sites, flight and food, rooms, extras, girls, fun for 50 days and spent no more than $1500.00 us dollars. GO SEE BELIZE

  8. Emily Werner says:

    I never knew it was possible to fall in love with a place until I spent a semester in Belize in college. I love that country and the people! Can't wait to return some day with my husband and kids. I'm saving up for a trip!

  9. genius0173 says:

    Yes the Guatemalan province of Belice is beautiful like the whole country pf Guatemala where they get even snow in the highlands, Antigua Guatemala, Solola all is beautiful. Guatemala should recover every metre of its territory of Belice and sue the criminal, pirate and parasite monarchy from the small island of England

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