Visit Reykjavik – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate Reykjavik, Iceland

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22 thoughts on “Visit Reykjavik – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. Adrian Jarzyna says:

    You say that Iceland is expensive for people from USA. But image how huge difference is for people from Poland, where normally prices are 3 times smaller than USA and 4 times than In Iceland

  2. Rich Sutterfield says:

    That "stinking water" as the native Americans called it is wonderful stuff. I'd shower/bathe in it every day if I could. Your body loves it. I'm fortunate to live near a major hot springs spa and we pay a lot of money to bask in that. People have flocked here for hundreds of years for it's health benefits, many who have various bone/joint issues find much relief in it. And it just feels great, even if you don't have issues. Great video as always, thank you.

  3. brunel23 says:

    The Blue Lagoon is very overrated, its just a fancy swimming pool. Reykjavik has at least 3 good swimming pools which are equally relaxing (and much cheaper). I can recommend the one near the University.

  4. Max Noerenberg says:

    talking about the sulfur water….I experience that in Schleswig Holstein Germany and it has quite a health benefit…especially if you are a teenager and suffering from severe acne, that water will treat that pretty quickly

  5. Noname Foru says:

    I spent 6 weeks in Reykjavik in 2019. Here’s my thoughts.

    The hot water did smell AND it irritated my skin! The smell is NOT natural. It is a toxic chemical that is added to the hot water. Yes, toxic! Look into it yourself if you don’t believe it.

    Didn’t go to Blue Lagoon. Locals don’t really go there and they didn’t recommend it. The water is waste from the power plant. It’s not as pure as you’re led to believe. Don’t get me started on the horrific pollution that goes on in Iceland that no one outside of it hears about.

    Cost of eating in restaurants IS very high. For example a basic hamburger starts at $15. I didn’t mind the high prices because the food was generally delicious. I shopped at grocery stores and cooked for myself quite a bit and loved that because there were many things that couldn’t be had in the US such as dried fish, horse meat, lamb heads, and kangaroo. I ate a lot of liquorice. Even had a liquorice milk shake! I highly recommend that.

    I found the weather to be agreeable. I was prepared and dressed for it and didn’t suffer.

    I found the people agreeable as well. Friendly, helpful, down to Earth and only encountered one person who didn’t speak English.

    Reykjavik is a charming small town that was very easy to walk around or take the bus. The city buses all have WIFI.

    In the end, I don’t regret going there but I didn’t think it was all that great either. If you are ok with doing the tourist thing- zooming around from one sight to the next and being exhausted and broke at the end of the week then by all means, go there and do that. I went to Reykjavik because I just wanted to be someplace different and chill out for a while- rented an airbnb apartment in Reykjavik, walked around and slowly explored the town, shopped at grocery stores, did like the locals did and I don’t regret it. Maybe someday I will go back but probably not.

  6. Thomas Davis says:

    I'm surprised he didn't mention The Húsafell Stone which is a lifting stone located in Húsafell, Iceland. The stone weighs 186 kg and was kept near a sheep pen built by reverend Snorri Björnsson over two hundred years ago. as per Wikipedia

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