Visit Seattle – 5 Things You Will LOVE and HATE about Seattle Washington

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22 thoughts on “Visit Seattle – 5 Things You Will LOVE and HATE about Seattle Washington

  1. v r says:

    Well the fish market is ok at street level. Down under is a waste of time. It was the same way in 1989.
    The waterfront to me is a joke. Space needle, you can see alot but that's it. People are somewhat ok.
    Lots of homeless."no OFFENCE"
    best thing was when the Seahawks lost to the Patriots several years ago. Sure you remember, the interception up the middle.
    I showed up at a superbowl party with a Brady shirt. Loved it, at the party and work the next day. I worked with sound transit on broadway. I dont miss seattle.

  2. Luke Clover says:

    I spent a week in Seattle about 3 years ago – maybe I just didn't go to the right parts of town, but I didn't notice too many homeless people out there, at least no more than Ann Arbor where I live and work. Though part of that trip we spent a weekend in Portland, which had probably had the worst homeless population of any city I've been to

  3. Enric Gonzalez says:

    So if you are an average traveller Seattle will NOT be on the menu. Adding 20% to a ticket? Have they gone fully berserk? This is on normal standards criminal, period. And the 30$ visit to the needle, man o man. And above that aggressive baggers. To tip it off you're left with Starbucks in this sanctuary city.

    Needless to say I feel sorry for the locals but I guess it's already gone to "habits"..

  4. MojoMan Murph says:

    It was an AWESOME city to visit & live in years ago but now it is a $HITHOLE!!!!! Moved away and never looked back. When the police tell you it's not safe and they wouldn't take their family there, it says a lot. KOMO News did a documentary about it so search it out and watch. The homeless, the drug addicts, the mentally ill on the streets, used needles, feces everywhere and crime have just ruined the city. Went back to visit friends not to long ago, we were eating at a nice restaurant and folks dealing drugs in front, some mentally ill guy just drops his pants and defecates right in front of the windows with all to see. So, so, so sad to see what it turned into.

  5. ** says:

    Lol you crazy…..seattle has the darkest most unfriendly hateful vibe…….and no, its not just me who thinks that……EVERYONE i know agrees

  6. katiemercedes says:

    Seattle was a VERY small town before grunge and the tech boom, so that mentality still holds. True natives, those who were here pre-1992, are kind of an elite group who aren't impressed by yet another transplant clogging the roads and not knowing the culture. They will accept you, but only if you know someone already and are a person who has something to offer. It may seem snobbish but who really lets randoms into their circle anyway?

  7. Earl Cornett says:

    Washingtonians are very friendly & helpful.BUT SEATTLE PEOPLE CAN BE RUDE. I'M NOT A SEATTLE FAN due to traffic, high costs and homeless beggars. Taking sounder train to pier 57 CRAB POT RESTUARANT for birthday, luckily friend gave coupon for 1/2 off AQUARIUM

  8. SlammedZero says:

    Just got back from Seattle a few weeks ago. I have been there several times but it was the first time my wife has ever gone. Not only did we have a great time, but she really loved Seattle (and she is not a big city type person). We didn't have any issues outside the cost of parking downtown. Surprisingly, we had great traffic patterns as well (I know how bad it can get). Lots of people going on about homeless/drug users/etc. I know it is an issue, but, I didn't feel like I saw THAT much of it around. I've seen much worse. Have you guys been to San Francisco lately? Heck, even Portland has become overrun with these issues in it's downtown core. Seattle honestly didn't feel that bad to me. In fact, the wife commented on how clean the city was. We really loved Seattle.

  9. Shamanbear Two says:

    Seattle Freeze? Its more of an internet myth than anything else. But it can be difficult being friends with someone who just moved here from back east. I had an acquaintance who had just moved from Miami. We were in Cal Anderson Park one day and I pulled out my pipe, packed a bowl, and lit it. He panicked thinking we were going to go to prison. He was serious. I couldn't stop laughing at the idea of a Seattle cop even noticing me smoking a bowl much less doing anything. A year later in the same park, I lit a bowl and he didn't freak out over the pot but he saw a naked woman on the hill and screamed, "she's naked!!". I looked around to see what he was talking about just as two cops rode past her on their bikes. They didn't bat an eye. "They didn't arrest her!!", he said. I laughed again wondering if I should take him to the Summer Solstice Parade two weeks later and let him see 1,500 naked people riding bikes in the street. Was he ready for a bikini barista?

    Half of the people who move here will give up in about 6 months from either culture shock or their first winter and move back to wherever they came from. I'm not going to even give you my number until you have gone through your first November, given up on the umbrella and Starbucks, and start saying things like, "Whoa dude, check out this righteous shatter I got at the store" 🙂

  10. Reel Fishing says:

    Hate the constant parking fee , most things are build on the mountain side , so it’s up and up and up, watch your steps, saw a bicyclist wipe out on the street because of the rain, he almost slid down the street , if not for a bystander who stop his slide.

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